4 thoughts on “Jeffrey Goldberg’s Al Qaeda-WMD Fetish – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Bin Laden and al-Qaeda hardly need a nuclear weapon! They’ve successfully started a cycle of self-destructive behaviors in the US! I wonder if it end in soviet-style economic collapse and large-scale civil strife, as everyone blames, and tries to punish, everyone else. (True, I’m a sucker for dramatic situations and colorful phrases.)

  2. Clearly, Richard Reid wanted to develop a dirty bomb.

    Richard Reid is the would-be “shoe bomber”. I haven’t read any account of him having athlete’s foot.

  3. Jeffery Goldberg is a talented writer and his book on his stint in the IDF is gripping and insightful. However, this article which claims that a nuclear terrorist attack is inevitable makes me believe that Goldberg’s thinking has been swayed by the Israeli defensive assumption that everything that can happen will happen. Well, that thinking is Israel is understandable, and maybe necessary, however, it isn’t based in fact. Terrorist attacks to date are pretty crude and when they succeed, are often the result of intelligence failure, and even possibly complicity when one looks at the fact that most of these groups are inflitrated with government agents. My true concern is that if our government continues to slip into incompetence as a result of leaders like Bush and, OMG, McCain, nuclear weaponry could fall into the hands of rogue groups. I suspect that first target, however, would more likely be Moscow, considering all the nukes floating around Russia and the fact that there are a lot of Chechens and others truely pissed off at the Russians.

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