4 thoughts on “Halper Released, Faces Indictment for Gaza Civil Disobedience – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Again, this is a transparent and rather petty attempt to remind the world that Gazans are lawless, violent thugs who would kidnap ANY Israeli they could get their hands on–even someone considered a hero by the native population. Patently absurd.

    Didn’t Rachel Corrie’s parents almost get kidnapped in Gaza?

  2. @mia: I think you’re diverting fr. the issue here. FGM & Halper were actually invited by the Gazans into Gaza. There were honored for their role in breaking the blockade. Israel is claiming foolishing that Halper was a potential kidnapping target. In actuallity, he was not only NOT kidnapped, he was feted.

    That’s the point.

    And if Israel faced the utter deprivation that Gazans face I’m certain there would be the same level of lawlessness in your Israeli hometown as well.

  3. The Ynet article talks of a “military order prohibiting Jewish civilians from entering Gaza”. Is that an editorial goof? I thought the prohibition concerned Israeli civilians (of any denomination). Do I make too much of a simple oversight or is it telling that Ynet so explicitly conflates “Israelis” and “Jews”?

  4. @fiddler:

    Good catch. It implies that Israeli Arabs are not affected by the prohibition. I wonder what the reporter was thinking when he wrote that. Perhaps the Hebrew original is different. This is an example of sloppy Israeli journalism.

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