14 thoughts on “Israeli Free Gaza Movement Leader Arrested – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Good luck Jeff and well done, I trust you will be released soon. The facade is starting to crack and I hope very soon the World at large will see what repressive regimes most, if not all, Israeli governments have been.
    I suggest it is time to start reworking economic sanctions, to persuade people not to purchase anything with an Israeli connection.

  2. [ed., comment deleted per comment rules. A word of warning: anyone commenting in this site and calling for the death of another will be reported to the police if I can determine where you live. Don’t toy with me. I don’t take such threats lightly.]

  3. Richard,

    Okay, I apologize for claiming that some Israeli leaders are guilty of treason, maybe that was a little extreme. But-

    Can you please explain, if Israel is “occupying Palestinian land”, why Jordan and Egypt controlled the West Bank and Gaza before Israel for 20 years? How about explaining how the surrounding Arab countries would have annexed the State of Israel if they destroyed it in 48, 67, or 73? How do you reconcile these facts with the claim of “occupation”, or that the Arabs are mad because of Israel’s “occupation”? Can’t you see that the whole idea of an “occupation” and the “peace process” is a myth made up by the racist Arabs to destroy Israel, as Arab leaders including Arafat himself have admitted (in Arabic)? The entire conflict is based on the inability of the Arabs and Muslims to tolerate a non-Arab and/or non-Muslim political entity in the Middle East. What is someone said that America is “white land”? Wouldn’t that be considered white supremacism? How is that different from the claim that “Palestine” is Arab land? The Arabs are in the Middle East and North Africa for the same reasons that whites are in the Americas, by the way. They conquered those regions.

  4. @Yoni:

    I apologize for claiming that some Israeli leaders are guilty of treason, maybe that was a little extreme.

    You don’t get it. “A little extreme?” Calling for someone to be executed for treason is a little extreme??? We sure have a different sense of proportion & perspective on these things. And don’t ever write anything like that again on this blog.

    As for debating the intricacies of Zionist history, I’m going to leave that to any readers who want to tackle the subject w. you. This sort of debate makes my eyes glaze over esp. when it’s presented as polemically as you present it.

    a myth made up by the racist Arabs

    I have very little to say to someone who has such hateful attitudes toward Arabs. And I’d say the same (& have) to any readers here who say hateful things about Israel.

  5. Richard,

    There is no way to explain Arab hostility toward Israel other than racism. Even if you accept all the crimes Israel has been supposedly guilty of, it doesn’t approach the atrocities committed by the Arab and Muslim nations. Nearly half a million people have been murdered in Sudan in 5 years for example, and millions were killed in the Iran-Iraq War over 8 years. Syria’s Assad and Jordan’s Hussein have both killed tens of thousands of civilians in a single swoop. Hundreds of thousands have been killed in the Algerian civil war, a hundred thousand in the Lebanese civil war. The Lebanese army recently totally destroyed the camp of el-Bader because of a few hundred terrorists holed up inside it, making 30,000 Palestinians homeless in a matter of weeks. How many Palestinians have been killed by Israel since the Intifada started in 2000? What is it now, 4000 or so? So that’s 4000 Palestinians killed in 8 years, and 1500 Jews. Although all deaths are tragic, the fact is that that is quite a trivial amount considering the conditions in the surrounding countries. Palestinians even have a higher standard of living, even now, than much of the rest of the Middle East. The only factor that can explain Arab hostility to Israel is that it isn’t Arab and/or Muslim. In other words, if Israel was an Arab country and killed its own people, no one, even the Arabs, would care.

  6. Another reason for this distortion of the middle east is the fact that the Arab nations don’t allow freedom of the press, while Israel has the highest density of journalists on the face of the planet. For example, when Lebanon was busy destroying Naher el-Bader, journalists were barred for miles around. But whenever Israel does anything, journalists swarm in by the bandwagon, whether in Israel itself or in Arab countries (such as in Lebanon in summer 2006). This journalistic imbalance, itself a creation of the superior values of the State of Israel, serves to artificially amplify Israeli actions one hundred fold in the world media and consciousness while simultaneously dampening Arab actions to the point of total obscurity.

  7. @Yoni:

    You are wrong. The violence and death you describe isn’t solely attributable to religion, though religion may play a part. There is murderous hatred & genocide around the globe. It isn’t confined to one religious group. We human beings can be a brutal lot I’m afraid to say. Muslims have no monopoly on this.

  8. @Yoni: Israel in no way has as free a press as the U.S. or other western democracies. There is a high level of military censorship imposed on Israeli journalists. And it is not always imposed for genuine national security reasons. Not to mention that the IDF prevents journalists from covering certain stories by refusing to allow them access to places like Gaza. Israel does not have SUPERIOR values. It might have if it honored the values it claims it believes. But it too often falls down on that score.

    If I had a choice in terms of the value placed on democracy, I would prefer to live in Israel rather than Gaza. But if I had a similar choice I’d prefer to live in the U.S. rather than Israel.

  9. Richard,

    I have a question for you regarding Gaza:

    You probably believe that Israel blockades Gaza, and is refusing to provide necessary assistance and so forth. You claim that this is a result of Israel’s obligation as a foreign occupier. That is correct. But did you know, that as a foreign occupier, Israel is also obligated to be the gov’t of Gaza? In other words, according to the very same laws that obligate Israel to provide for Gaza, Israel is also obligated to invade Gaza and destroy Hamas!

    On the other hand, if Israel shouldn’t destroy Hamas and impose an Israeli gov’t on the Strip, then Israel is treating Gaza as a foreign and hostile political entity with whom Israel is under no obligation to provide with anything! You can’t have it both ways. Israel can’t be forced to supply a Hamas-ruled Gaza! Your thoughts.

  10. Richard,

    You also didn’t respond to my challenge concerning the Arab/Muslim obsession with Israel vis-a-vis the death and destruction plaguing their own countries on a massive scale. How do you reconcile the 400,000 people exterminated in Darfur since 2003, for example, with Muhammad al-Dura being a stamp in Tunisia?

  11. @Yoni: This isn’t a debating society. I’m not here to act as a foil for whatever debating pts you want t make vis a vis Arabs & Muslims. There are lots of other places where you can debate on these issues to yr heart’s content.

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