6 thoughts on “Proselytizing U.S. Olympic Archery Coach: ‘If You Are Christian, You Have An Empty Mind’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You know, there is an outfit here in China which claims that Jesus has been re-born in China, as their founder/leader, of course. I hope these two meet!

  2. Are you actually suggesting that the USOC ban athletes from communicating about shared religious beleifs? Should athletes and coaches be banned from attending the same places of worship, or if they do happen to meet at a place of worship, should keep the topics only to athletics.

    The athlets are all aduts and don;t need to be protected from free expression. The fact that there were no complaingts and the USOC premptivly provided clarifications to all, says that no one is being “forced” into anything and speaks well of the USOC and the coach.

    It sounds like the athletes are indeed making free choices with no pressure in an environment where speach on religious topics to not banned.

    1. The coach & athletes don’t just “happen” to share a religion. The coach is PROSELYTIZING. He’s pressuring them to adopt his own religious views. That is not acceptable.

      They are athletes in a subordinate relationship to a coach. They are not adults like you & I. If your boss pressured you to attend Bible study or his church and you didn’t want to but you knew you would lose out on a promotion, how would you feel? That’s the relationship that these kids have to this coach. It is not a “free choice” and has nothing to do with “free expression” either, though I can imagine an evangelical like you would need to see it that way.

  3. Your article is pretty defensive – there is nothing wrong with sharing one’s beliefs of any religion, and that IS what a Christian does. Nobody is ever forced to accept God. If you bothered to read the Bible, Jesus never forced anyone to accept him – he spoke the Word and left it to people to accept or reject him – really simple. You are making this more of an issue than it is, simply because this man has more faith and guts than most people do. Most teenagers I know speak their own mind and are not a bunch of babies who need to be molly coddled – esp. American teenagers.

    1. That all depends how you define “sharing.” Many religions are very circumspect about proselytizing and “sharing” their religious beliefs. They are humble & not at all aggressive about it. That’s as it should be. Christian evangelicals, Mormons & others are much more aggressive & obnoxious about it. Even Chabad among Jewish sects is similarly oppressive though they mostly seek out secular Jews to “convert” to their cause. No one asked Christians to get into the faces of those who aren’t interested in “receiving the Word.” A little humility goes a long way in these things.

      If you bothered to read the Bible

      That’s an offensive statement & I don’t cotton to such obnoxiousness fr. anyone esp. those like you who are guests here. So if you want to enjoy my hospitality you won’t insult me. If you do insult you won’t be welcome here. I DO read “the Bible.” But that’s my Bible, not yours. Unfortunately Jesus is not at all like those who follow him today. Jesus was humble. Evangelicals largely are not. They know the Word, they know the Truth. Blah, blah. Not interested in such hubris.

      I’m making as much of an issue as I think is warranted in my view. Which isn’t yours. So you go yr way & I’ll go mine.

  4. Kisik is one reason why I compete in National Field Archery Association, versus USA Archery. The team loses many talented archers by engaging in high pressure religious conversion.

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