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  1. Parkhurst used to post on the Jewish Encounter forum, he made a laughing stock of himself. He’s completely illiterate in Hebrew and a total ignoramus of anything even remotely Jewish and/or middle eastern – some people are determined to make fools of themselves!

  2. It sounds like Joshua deals with harassment and bullying regularly for his job. That is probably why he feels like he can deal with your harassment and bullying. I have to admit that I am disturbed by the amount of time and effort you put into damaging the reputations of those who express views you don’t agree with.
    I also think you don’t have the education necessary to be a serious commentator on the Middle East. This was embarrassingly obvious when you called a Pakistani terrorist an “Arab-American”.

  3. @David: This is one of the Aussie Dave Irregulars sent here by the initimable Dave himself (perhaps David IS Dave though that’s doubtful since the former can actually spell and string a sentence together). Anyway, Aussie Dave has taken the opportunity to write yet another admiring blog post about me which I truly appreciate. Especially the link so his arch-right wing readers can get some culture while they’re slumming here.

    At any rate, it’s a laugh when David someone accuses me of bullying Parkhurst who started the bullying himself before I’d even said a word to him or knew who he was. As I wrote, I didn’t ask Josh to attack me and lie about my views. He chose to do that himself. I don’t lie down and take it when bullies like Aussie Dave & Josh come my way. I RESPOND. Get that? RESPOND. Not INITIATE.

    I also think it’s really cute that when one of the wingnuts finds a single mistake you’ve made, they circulate it through the wingnut internet ether so that every single pro-Israel wingnut knows about it. I must have powerful medicine for them to waste their time collecting all those boo-boos. Actually, I should save them time & compile a list myself so they can come here & check it themselves.

    And may I point out YOUR mistake? Naveed Haq is Pakistani-American, not Pakistani. Only someone as intolerant as yrself would label him a “terrorist” w/o acknowledging his severe mental illness as well.

  4. Attempting to destroy someone’s livelihood is not a legitimate response to comments posted on a blog. I am saddened that you cannot see how your actions are a vicious overreaction.


  5. @ronny:

    In Judaism, attempting to destroy someone’s reputation by lying about them, provoking them, publicizing yr distorted views about them widely are deeply offensive. It is called motzi shem ra. That concept either is unknown to you or means nothing to you (unless it was your ox that was gored in which case you’d feel differently). If he wishes to smear my reputation with lies then I strongly believe the blogosphere and people with whom he interacts should know what type of person he is. If they don’t have a problem with how he presents himself online, then he will not be impacted. If people whose respect Josh needs don’t like what he does, then he will stop doing it.

    I for one don’t turn the other cheek. Unlike you & Josh, I’m prepared to stand behind what I do or say and have it quoted (as long as it is not distorted, twisted or quoted out of context) anywhere at any time.

    I also find it interesting that you’re adopting precisely the same argument used by Aussie Dave, who has written a blog post about this matter & makes it one of his pasttimes to feebly smear me. Clearly, you’re taking yr talking points from one of the nastier Israeli Islamophobes in the blogosphere. That doesn’t give yr comments terribly much credibiilty. And if you’re one of Dave’s acolytes what do you think about his empty threat to sue me for libel? Was that a “vicious overreaction” too or just desserts? If the latter then you’re a hypocrite like yr friends Dave & Josh.

    And do report this comment back to Dave & ask him to write another post about me. But have him be sure to link to me so his readers can go slumming through the liberal Jewish blogosphere.

  6. Are you seriously comparing a flame war on the internet to someone’s personal life and livelihood? Do you honestly not see the difference?


  7. @ronny: You clearly don’t write a blog. If you did you would understand that one’s blog is a representation of oneself, what one believes, and one’s reputation. Josh Parkhurst has attempted (feebly) to destroy my reputation and done so intensively over a long period.

    Get yrself a blog & a few trolls and then come back & tell me how you feel about it. Until then, as the lyrics of the rock song say: “You don’t know what it’s like…”

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