6 thoughts on “George ‘Naftali’ Muenz, Stalker – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Sorry to hear about this. Reading his rants brings a Deja Vu. One wonders if he knows he is such a look-alike of fanatic mullahs when they intimidate what they call liberal-infidels…

  2. You call yourself a writer? It’s “faze him” not “phase him”

    Sitting down for Shabbat dinner? You have the chtzpah to clothe yourself in Yiddishims while you betray the Jewish People? The best way to deal with people like you is to expose you for the self-hating Jew that you are. Why do you think The Guardian publishes your articles? They want their tken self-hating Jew to write about how evil Israel is.

    You are worth nothing but contempt.

  3. @Naftali:

    A spelling correction from Maj. General Naftali (was that your IDF rank?) is like Meir Kahane telling you you’ve misspelled “Palestinian.”

    The only thing that’s evil around here is the face that stares back at you in the mirror in the morning. The only betrayal is yours of the Jewish values of rachmonis and derech eretz. When God looks down on His creation He must be very sad to see the mess you’ve made of the faith He put in you when he created you.

  4. Well done Richard in standing up to this bully. These people who defend what they would condemn, if it were perpetrated against Jews, are gutter creatures.

    A good example of such a low life is this Naftali creature who believes that being Jewish means supporting every kind of war criminal.

    The Guardian publishes our articles because, unlike the Zionist crazies, we have something to say! It’s ironic isn’t it that the Zionists attack the Guardian, a good liberal British paper rather than say the Daily Mail and Express, which both supported Hitler till 1939. But then again the Express and Mail are also uncritical supporters of Zionism.

    What was that about self-hatred?

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