5 thoughts on “I Have a Dream…for Israeli Democracy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This is one of your most wonderful posts. And thanks you invited us into your dreams.

    What I like best about this is the subliminal challenged to Daniel Pipes. Wouldn’t we all like to see that guy mad as hell, just once.
    Mad like Rumpelstiltskin, stomping his foot and and explode spreading into the universe like the Urknall. …

    I pondered what else I could do to him. Eternal return as a fly living only four days and being aware that there is no way to get out of this vicious cricle.

    thanks Richard, this was a real pleasure.

  2. A few others I’d like to see on your invitation list: Ilan Pappe, Noam Chomsky, Tony Judt, David Shulman, Joel Kovel, Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu, and of course, yours truly. Hell, why not also invite names like Abe Foxman of ADL, David Harris of AJC. Maybe if they came you could get the Lobby to foot the expenses. And don’t forget Dersch. You could stage a debate between him and Finkelstein. That would add some fireworks to the party.

    If you’re gonna dream, dream big! The Jewish olympics?

  3. A great post! Followed by wonderful suggestions. If I may, I would add Prof Henry Siegman and Mr Tony Karon to the list of speakers ( a miniconference with simutaneous sessions discussing specific issues! ) and it could be recorded for viewing later on the internet!

    I was at the De Paul teach-in on Academic Freedom.
    The whole programme is on their website to hear and to watch.

    Thanks for posting the petition. It has been forwarded around the world!

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