5 thoughts on “U.S. Law Firm Google-Ambulance Chases for Israeli Terror Victims – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I think a much better lawsuit would be to sue American munitions manufacturers for the effects of bombs dropped on street corners in extra judicial targeted assasinations in occupied Palestine. Almost always innocent bystanders (if not the intended targets) are murdered by Apartheid Israel in this process. How about a brave and righteous Zionist attorney step forward and create a little economic justice for those terrorist victim’s families. I assure you it will not be the cowards at Soupy Sayles Werbner.

  2. I’ve seen these ads and also find them deeply disturbing. But as contemptuous as this is, it strikes me as a symptom of a larger problem. As long as the State Department self-servingly excludes governments from its definition of “terrorist” (by any objective definition, governments are by far the world’s biggest terrorists), and as long as the Bush Administration is as closely allied with the Likud as it is, it’s not at all surprising that Sayles Werbner and its ilk would try to cash in on the situation.

    In a just world, Sayles Werbner would be representing Palestinians seeking redress for Israel’s state terrorism.

  3. Are you familiar with the Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center?

    On their about page they claim that:

    Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center was founded in order to carry out efficiently the vital task of helping the terror victims to fight back. Following the model of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil right organization dedicated to bankrupting the K.K.K and other neo-Nazis groups in the US, Shurat HaDin is committed to economically destroy the hate groups in the Middle East.

    Though I don’t know that they troll for clients with Google ads, they do appear aligned with the Israeli right.

    They came to my attention through an ad I saw several weeks ago on Ha’aretz for what seems best described as Israeli national security tourism. Here is the description of their “Ultimate Mission to Israel“. They also have another tour aimed at Christian Zionists.

    “Inside tour of the IAF unit who carries out targeted killings”?
    “Live exhabition of penetration raids in Arab territory”?

    Is there any reason to think that all this isn’t as grotesque as it appears? I mean it basically looks like an invitation for a week of propaganda and vicarious attacks on Arabs for those who are sad they won’t get to personally take out an Islamofascist.

  4. I’ve seen those Haaretz ads & heard of the group. The tours sound monstrous. I’ve thought about writing a post about this but reading that they’ve cribbed their strategy from SPLC is beyond disgusting & atrocious. I wonder whether anyone’s asked SPLC what they think. I think it’s run by Chaim Potok’s son, Mark Potok if I’m not mistaken. It sounds like it deserves a post of its own. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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