6 thoughts on “NYT ‘Scoops’ on the Giuliani Neocon Mideast Advisors Story…Weeks After Harper’s! – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Giuliani’s neocon pro-Israel stack of Mideast policy advisers”
    I’ve been talking about it for years, but then I don’t work for the NYTimes, nor do I blog.
    I find it much more important, as I noted on your blog earlier, that he surrounds [at least did surround] himself with fanatical right-wing pro-Israel ideologues who may have had connection to the murder of Prime Minister Rabin, at the very least they helped to create the climate that led to that murder. Beyond any speculation these people provided ‘justification’ for the killing of Rabin.

    I wish I could get to Wayne Barrett. Seems to me this is an excellent story about Mr. Law and Order. Many people still remember and highly regard Prime Minister Rabin.


  2. …on the other hand, maybe the connection shouldn’t get out.
    It would only raise Guiliani’s stature among some people.

  3. I wonder if Giuliani really has any covictions about peace in the Middle East at all, but rather is trying to shore up his right flank with right wing Jews and Evangelicals, both of which groups have problems with his domestic social positions. Although I note that he’s back pedalling there too. Now he supports a constitutional amendment to outlaw same sex marriage. Watch for him to be reborn this year and find the “truth” about a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body.

  4. It certainly WOULD raise his stature & that’s why he’s working with them in the first place. He wants to lock up the fatcat grey-haired Jewish vote AND money–all the AIPAC leadership & Abe Foxman types.

  5. Golem:
    “Convictions”? Does any politician have a conviction aside from that they should be elected?
    {exception Kucinich}
    I do agree that he is playing to the Right-wing. I also think G. would be *much* worse than Bush, because he (G.) is evil, and his evil is not blended/diluted with things like religious fundamentalism.
    I also predict, that regardless of where she is in the polls, America will not elect a woman, no more than they will elect an African-American.


  6. Silverstein and Santora should look into this: the Giuliani campaign has never announced Daniel Pipes as an adviser. It has announced a slew of advisers in press releases on the JoinRudy2008 website, but you won’t find Pipes there. Pipes may have endorsed Rudy, but Rudy’s campaign has yet to endorse Pipes. Interesting…

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