6 thoughts on “‘In Defense of Academic Freedom’ Chicago Conference – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. High time for such a discussion This opinion persecution by pro-Israeli pressure group is getting more and more laughable as days pass. Soon gentiles are not any more allowed to use the word Jew, not to mentioning analysing or studying the present days Israel or Jewish history from a different angle than the Lobby approved truth..

    As Ariel Sharon, the wise moderate statesman said:
    “Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial.”

    Pro-Israelis naturally are allowed to analyse and study Arab and European cultures and say what ever comes in their mind, even when it differers from the “majority opinion”. I is astonishing that a tiny geographically fragmented religion / tribe has managed to get such a power. Well in the end the more the “lobby” bullies the faster people realize the the unhealthy situation and get fed up with the opinion manipulation and persecution.

  2. It is a shame that Mr Ahmadinejad already returned home. I am sure he might have had an interesting thing or two to say on the subject. After all, those Jews tried to limit his academic freedom at Colombia, and they also ridiculed that scholars’ conference on the Holocaust in Teheran last December, didn’t they?

  3. Tenure has been in decline for quite a while, anyway. It’s not just factories that want to hire minimum wage temps.

    Zhu Bajie

  4. Richard and Philip made such a good impression on me at the beginning. I even think that I have introduced them to each other.

    Now, I feel, I need to battle them as I feel they are sleeping into many wrong directions.

    Let us be practical.

    I am not sure that Finkelstein is completely sane. He is no good for American culture, or for Palestinian welfare. Can we have educated, experienced historians in the United States?

    Was the last decent professor of social philosophy John Rawls?

    Noam Chomsky is a smart man, but many Prejudices entered his judgment.

    I see the number one trouble in the Christian Right. We all should end the Christian Right’s ability to recruit innocent Americans.

    We should restore or reclaim the enlightened character of America.

    One good place is the Binghamton University. It can host in calm manners diversified people, and will stay a decent place.

    Besides this, I suggest you to read the http://www.johnedwards.com blog.

    It displays a lot of decent opinions.

  5. Thanks for the good news–what a relief. The attack on academic freedom by the Israeli Lobby is disturbing to say the least. So many Jews courageously stood up to McCarthyism that I have watched in shocked disbelief as Jews such as Alan Dershkowitz lobbied so voceriferously against the speaking invitations to President Carter at the various universities. The efforts of Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz, Dennis Praeger etc. are not in the intellectual tradition of Jewish-Americans who have fought every effort to limit the free flow of ideas at our universities. It is very frightening. However, I had every confidence that these odious characters would create a backlash. You did not indicate that this effort in defense of academic freedom is being led by Jewish professors, but I can guess that they are in the forefront.

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