11 thoughts on “Bush Administration Turns Feeding Palestinian Poor into Terror Offense – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. In respomse to above, an article from Jerusalem Post!! says it all.
    Rupa Shah

    ‘Israel gives US unreliable intel’

    AP and Herb Keinon , THE JERUSALEM POST Sep. 5, 2007


    Israeli intelligence about Palestinian groups that a US-based Muslim charity aided was often unreliable, a former senior US diplomat testified at the organization’s trial on terrorism-support charges.

    Edward Abingdon, who served as US consul-general in Jerusalem during the 1990s, said the Israelis had an “agenda” and provided “selective information to try to influence US thinking.”

    Abingdon’s testimony Tuesday took dead aim at prosecutors’ claims that the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development was knowingly funding terrorists instead of providing humanitarian aid.

    Holy Land, once the United States’ largest Muslim charity, and five of its leaders are charged with funneling millions in illegal aid to Hamas, which the US government considers a terrorist organization.

    Prosecutors say Holy Land funded schools and hospitals it knew were run by Hamas. US agents raided Holy Land and shut it down in December 2001.

    In six weeks of testimony, the prosecution’s key witness was an Israeli government lawyer who was allowed to testify anonymously. He said many of the Palestinian schools and charities to which Holy Land gave money were controlled by Hamas.

    Prosecutors presented bank records of transactions with a man who later became a Hamas leader, and secret surveillance including Holy Land officials at a Philadelphia meeting of Hamas supporters in 1993.

    Abingdon, whose post essentially made him the US ambassador to the Palestinian Authority, testified that he was privy to daily CIA reports in Jerusalem yet was never told that terrorists controlled the groups that got money from Holy Land.

    Abingdon, the first defense witness of the trial, said the US Agency for International Development gave money to some of the same groups. He added that he met many officials of the charities.

    The diplomat said he had heard of Holy Land “as a Palestinian-American charity that distributed assistance to needy families in the West Bank and Gaza.”

    From 1993 to 1999, Abingdon was consul-general in Jerusalem, and like others he was under orders not to have contact with Hamas.

    Abingdon said the Israelis provided intelligence to the CIA, and defense attorney Nancy Hollander asked him if he found the Israeli information reliable. “No,” he answered, and she asked why not.

    “I feel the Israelis have an agenda … they provide selective information to try to influence US thinking,” he said.

    Abingdon spent 30 years in the State Department. He resigned in 1999 and spent seven years at a Washington lobbying firm that represented the Palestinian Authority for as much as $750,000 a year. He said he never worked for Hamas.

    On cross-examination, prosecutor Barry Jonas questioned Abingdon’s objectivity, suggesting that officials in Washington considered him anti-Israeli and close personally to the late Yasser Arafat, who led the Palestinian Authority.

    Both Israeli and American diplomatic officials placed little stock in Abingdon’s statement, saying that the intelligence cooperation between the two states was very tight.

    The relationship between the national security establishments in Israel and the US is a close and intimate relationship, based on mutual trust, respect and cooperation, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said. Both countries value highly this cooperation which is built upon mutual respect for each side’s professionalism and integrity.

    A US diplomatic official said that Abingdon expressed his opinion as a private citizen, and that it doesn’t reflect the attitude of the US government. “We have excellent relations with the Israelis,” he said.


  2. So lets see, according to your logic, if the KKK has a political wing as well as a military wing, whereby the military wing burns crosses on the lawns of black families, rapes black teenage girls, and hangs from trees black men but the political wing builds a soup kitchen for the poor in a predminately white neighborhood, than funding the KKK is OK with you.

  3. Likening the KKK to Hamas is preposterous. Hamas is like many other insurgent groups around the world including the IRA & ETA among others which have military and political wings. Criminalizing the political or social work of the IRA or ETA-allied groups would never have any impact whatsoever on the military wings of those same groups. That’s why neither Spain or Northern Ireland have done so.

  4. The Holy Land Foundation should give $$$ to the Republican Party, the Scooter Libby Defense Fund, the George W. Bush Presidential Library, etc., and see what happens.

    Zhu Bajie

  5. I can’t speak for the legality of the actions of the holyland foundation, the court will decide that one, but anyone sending money to the Hamas whether for its military wing or “charity” is sponsoring terror, evil and murder.

    I want to make clear that I have no sympathy for Hamas as a political organization.

    it’s not enough to not have sympathy for evil. Evil must be actively opposed.

  6. anyone sending money to the Hamas

    The Foundation is not directly affiliated with Hamas and that is part of the case the government has to prove. I erred when I said that the funds went to build hospitals sponsored by Hamas as the NYT article only said the funds went to build Palestinian hospitals & not that they were affiliated with Hamas. It is highly possible that some or most donors might not have even known whether the funds would be used by Hamas, Fatah or any other particular organization. They prob. just knew it would go to projects to benefit the needy.

    Evil must be actively opposed.

    You see Hamas as worse than the KKK. I don’t. You oppose evil as you see fit & I’ll thank you to allow me to define how I should oppose evil. Hamas is not evil in the sense that you suggest. It is an insurgent nationalist movement in precisely the same way that Lehi, the Stern Gang and Herut were along with the IRA, ETA, the Tamil Tigers & countless others. To demonize Hamas as satanic forces equivalent to Pol Pot or Osama bin Laden poisons the well so that neither you nor Israel will ever be able to make peace with the group–and you WILL have to do so to attain real peace no matter how evil you see them. You will never eradicate Hamas. At least not with any means currently at Israel’s disposal.

    BTW, I’m perfectly willing to see Hamas or Hezbollah terrorists brought before international tribunals for crimes against Israeli civilians if you’re prepared to do the same for IDF officers & Border Police who were responsible to killing Palestinian civilians.

  7. I’m perfectly willing to see Hamas or Hezbollah terrorists brought before international tribunals for crimes against Israeli civilians if you’re prepared to do the same for IDF officers & Border Police

    I see. So if I’m willing to see my own stand trial, you’re willing to see your own stand trial. Very revealing statemet of yours.

  8. NO, I am in favor of both culpable Israeli officers AND Palestinian/Hezbollah terrorists being tried for crimes against humanity. Period. You aren’t because you’re clouded by ideological bias.

    Saying that Hamas is “my own” as if I am a supporter or ethnically identified with Hamas is absolute calumny & treif. Not only that–it is a lie because you know I have enunciated my views about Hamas and Hezbollah countless times here.

    I have written privately to you demanding that you retract this comment. If not, you will no longer be welcome to participate in this blog’s comment threads. What is mere snark to one person is fighting words to another.

  9. Since you have clarifyed your position that you favor Palestinian/Hezbollah terrorists being tried for crimes against humanity regardless of my position on IDF officers (who for the most part deserve metals of bravery in my opinion) I retract the comment that I made.

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