4 thoughts on “Reports Allege Israel Attacked Syrian Nuclear Installation Built With North Korean Collaboration – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. If true then kudos to the IAF for a job well done. No good will come to anyone in the region with the Baathists in Damascus having nukes. Indeed the Syrians can barely afford a nuclear weapons program, but that doesn’t mean that their best friends in Tehran can’t afford to loan them some dough. If this is part of a conspiracy campaign as you wonder, then it’s a bad thing and will likely boomerang back on all parties involved. We will have to wait and see.

  2. Some people give the benefit of the doubt to the United States and Israel. Other people take the side of North Korea and Syria. Intersting outlook for a self professed liberal humanist.

  3. Some people give the benefit of the doubt to the United States and Israel.

    Surely you jest. After Condi’s insinuation of a Saddam WMD mushroom cloud & George Tenet’s “slam dunk” WMD case used to gin up war with Iraq you expect me to trust a single word out of the Bush Administration on anything related to the ME? Not to mention Israel’s checkered record of deception & self-interested manipulation on similar matters. Pardon me if I ask for a little more evidence than you apparently need to issue a thumbs up to the IAF for a job well done. I’d rather you end up being the Judy Miller of this incident, a willing dupe of the Israeli-U.S. intelligence apparatus, than I.

    And I’m not taking Syria’s or North Korea’s side as my note indicating alarm at this story IF it is true. You apparently didn’t bother to read that far in my post or simply ignored it as you are wont to do.

  4. It is all spin over spin over spin. You are wrong. Except from the official say of Syria, it is becoming less and less clear. Syria, the complaining agent who started this all failed at the very basic Abeas Corpus ? why? why before or after the letter to the UN it did not bring the world press? As far as it is possible to say there was not even bombing, rockets? What was the target? exept for the poor polar bears practically every thing was mentioned. When and where did Israel say that Syria has Nuclear facilities? It must have said some thing vaguage and general yet Israel admitted that it knew nothing about Gadaffi program, so what do they know about Syria, but then may be they do know some thing? crazy . In the ME every thing is possible or imposible. When and where did Israel say that Iran is one year away from nuclear weapons, you quote so you must have the source, but then does Israel know? Rightly you do not trust what the USA and Israel say officially, spin and/or leak. Yet you and I cite them all the time what else do we have? Why do you trust what Syria or PRNC say ? It is a mess and as I said you are wrong it is not getting clear on the contrary.

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