13 thoughts on “Pipes and the Jewish Jihad Against Debbie Almontaser – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Public Schools are for the public.They are for Americans to learn what it is to be American;they should teach what makes us similar, not that which divides us.If you want to learn about your individual heritage,you do it privately in an organization funded by your own particular community.

    The NY Public Schools once took immigrants and turned them into Americans;now it takes Americans and tries to turn them back into immigrants.

  2. Public Schools are for the public.

    And you are arguing that Arab-Americans are not the public? Look, there are all manner of magnet schools in NY dedicated to all manner of disciplines. I am sure there are public schools which offer an enriched Jewish curriculum for those wishing it (though I haven’t researched this to confirm it).

    They are for Americans to learn what it is to be American

    You seem to have the odd idea that being “American” is somehow divorced from being Arab or Jewish or Russian or Italian or whatever. It is not. Being American incorporates all of our multiple ethnic identities. American would be nothing without this rich ethnic tapestry.

    The NY Public Schools once took immigrants and turned them into Americans

    Yeah, they sure did. I remember my grandmother telling me that in her NY elementary school (this would’ve been around 1910 or so) they beat students who spoke Yiddish in class. That’s how the NY public schools used to deal with difference–they beat it out of you. I’m proud that today’s NY public schools embrace our differences and attempt to learn from them. Khalil Gibran will make a welcome contribution to ethnic diversity within the public school system. It will make Arab-Americans proud and should make all NYers proud too.

  3. Richard,

    You ask how low we (Jews) can fall? I feel apolled by your use of epithet “swine” when referring to Daniel Pipes. I think lowest we can fall is when we start calling people with whom we we disagree, “swines”! By doing so, you not only debase his humanity, you also preclude yourself from possibly see his point. A point you entirely missed: For example when you comment this quote: “I don’t recognize the people who committed the attacks as either Arabs or Muslims.” You entirely miss Pipes point: 9/11 and other terrorist attacks on the “infidels” are entirely consistent with the holy texts of Islam: Koran and the Hadiths. Hundreds of passages in these books call specifically for violent holy war against the infidels. They pronounce that every means is justified, including lies, deceptions, and breaking promises. Muhammad himself being a prime example of just such behavior. When Almontaser claims that she does not recognize these terrorist as Muslims she is lying (practicing the “noble” art of “taqui” the (Muslim deception of infidels for the sake of promoting the rule of Allah). She knows very well, that in Islam peace is only made with infidels temporarily, only when the infidel cannot be defeated militarily, and only for the purpose of strengthening the Muslims and preparing for the attack when the time is ripe. Peace with infidels can be broken at any auspicious time.
    She knows that one of the last and most poignant sayings of Muhammad, recorded in Koran, is “I have been made victorious with Terror”

    So Richard, it OK, if you disagree with someone, but calling them swines and charlatans, forecloses every possibility of honest discussion.

        1. I read Veet Vivarto’s messages here before they were deleted (gross typical misinformed talking points from the Robert Spencer handbook) so I decided to do a search on him; obviously this guy is over 70, is caucasian (probably Jewish) and is a proud staunch racist. Apparently, he is so overtly racist about Muslims he doesn’t realize most of his thinking is plain wrong. Instead, I actually think veet varato thinks he is doing some kind of informative humanitarian work, as he quibbles about Hadiths without naming from which source they are, carries on as if knowing Islamic Theology yet contradicting his own statements. Oddly enough, he is not a phenomenon. You find many voices like his all over the net. If you search his name in google a proud contributer to any number of anti-islam conversations throughout the net. Communites of haters that gather together to discuss the frailties of Islam and seem to worship the idea of it’s evil. You can call this breed of internet poster the “Islam-Hate Worshippers” or at a minimum minions of Pipes. All these conversations share the same things in common; 1.Muslims are pure evil 2.Muslims are bad 3.In comparison to Jews, Muslims are far worse. So in summary, what you’re missing from these deleted posts of his are tirades and “facts” taken from the Daniel Pipes/Robert Spencer handbook on why every human being should make it their life mission to destroy as many Muslims as possible, thus have zero sympathy for any unfairness especially if a Jew is causing harm to a Muslim, because they deserve it (than they list a series of “documented” rationals.) You can tell these people from a mile away nowadays, just repeating the same line that the Qu’ran has specific details on killing people particularly Jews (total paranoid delusions), and we have Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer and a few others cashing in on them. These people have lots of time, money and websites on their hands so veet varato, why not go over Pipes’ forums instead of trolling here.

          1. A word of explanation: the above commenter in a subsequently deleted comment claimed that Islam was a “Nazi” religion. This is a violation of my comment rules. Now he’s attempted to support his claim with passages from the Koran. This blog is not a venue for debate about whether Islam or Judaism is a Nazi religion. There are many other sites where such debates may happen online and I suggest anyone wishing to engage in a propaganda war on this subject find another venue for it.

  4. The New York Board of Regents just approved a Hebrew-language charter school, that is Mr. Richard Silverstein, a PUBLIC SCHOOL using taxpayer dollars to teach Zionism to students.


    How does this fly with your logic that Americans schools should teach American values? Do you see the horrendous double standard here or when it comes to your “ilk” no scrutiny should be applied?

    Did this school go under the same scrutiny of KGIA? No. Does it pose a tangible threat to students? Yes, by Daniel Pipes own logic, teaching Hebrew to students will inevitably give them a “Zionist” outlook.

    So how the hell did this happen while Almontaser sits in pre-trial limbo on court cases against the DOE and cases against her by the Pipes clan, who are now suing her for their defamation, unbelievable? This happened because the Pipes clan’s money-man Michael Steinhardt funded it, he also funded their little jihad against the KGIA so any couch detective can start connecting the dots here.

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