5 thoughts on “Lies and Distortions of Anti-Abu El-Haj Petition Campaign – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I am so glad to see people in the real world discussing the INTERPRETATION of archeological and anthropological data. Even before my degree in Anthropology and learning archeology under Patty Jo Watson, it was obvious to me that a word for x in language y TRANSLATES as z, which is subject to the bias of the explainer and the anthroplogist/translater/data collector. An archeological find a is found at depth b next to object c. that id a physical fact. The INTERPRETATION of what it means and what it is used for is open to bias of the persons formulating the THEORY of what it indicates. The history of anthroplogy in the last 200 years clearly shows the change in theories due to change in the class and culture of the commentors (anthroplogist and archeologists and museum -ists). My arrowhead is your early xyz culture and someone else’s pdq culture and may have been a new technique abandoned or the first attempt at a new idea or the last good one left or a antique accidentally lost or any one of a number of things. We need to be clear on whether something is a FACT or a THEORY. Have you not read any history? The Literature of any ‘science’ in the modern (western) world is full of experiments and theories and hypetheses which are later disproved, or refined or re-interpreted. personal attacks are not rational or civilized and a good scientist reveals her bias. background and underlying assumptions as well as her intent, or have you never seen a foreword, disclaimer, bibliography, footnote, and so on. Where did so many people unschooled in the scientific method fail to receive their education? Why is personality still so attatched to theory that ridicule is an expected reaction to a new idea???

  2. Yes, thanks Paul. I’ve signed it & linked to it in another post here. I note that this petition has nearly 600 signatures in the wk or so it has existed. Hopefully, it will soon surpass the negative petition started by Stern.

  3. It has become very common, for those that dare not stick to the ‘offcial’ history of the jews, to be targeted with such hate and ferocity. It starts by intimidation and ends up by being accused of being anti-semit. WHY????? One starts to wonder about the scale of the cover up .

  4. This is a fascinating article. It reminds me of those times in which a film critic will say, ”I wish that I could say this is a great movie, but it isn’t…” and the poster will show up with the critic’s name and ”a great movie”!

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