6 thoughts on “Idan Raichel Project’s Bo’i: Israeli Music in Ethiopian Groove – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There was a famous UCLA professor named Wolf Leslau who was the world’s greatest expert on the language. He also founded the Near Eastern Languages program at the school. He preceded the professor who was my academic advisor when I did my MA there in Hebrew Literature.

    I didn’t know it was related to Hebrew but that makes some sense. How else could the Queen of Sheba have talked to King Solomon??

  2. congratulation for all that compused this album is the best from Israel’s-ethipian that have listened he escuchado generos similares y en otros idiomas lo cual no cabe duda que cada pais tiene su propio estilo felicidades.

  3. Yes Amhari has Semitic roots, but I totally disagree that it is related to Hebrew. And definetly Queen of Sheba must have studied Hebrew to communicate with King David rather than knowing or even understanding Hebrew as part of her languge, Amharic. Anyway, even though I am not Israelian I really like his music and it sounds great.

  4. So, where is the translation? Doesn’t do much good to just denote “Ethiopian chanting” on YouTube videos without a translation of the Ethiopian lyrics?

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