1 thought on “Israeli Strikes in Gaza Play into Hamas’ Hands – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Well, Richard, to some, the military mind has often seemed unconcerned in relation to long-term consequences of its actions. Perhaps, through circumstance, it can’t always afford the luxury of too much speculation as to the whys and wherefores of the situations it has to face. Or, perhaps, it’s all too well aware and is simply waiting for the rest of us, those who may have that luxury, to come up with options better than those currently within its remit.

    It’s strange but only very recently I’ve realised the method I’ve been advocating through the good offices of your website is not unlike a military tactic in itself.

    It resembles nothing less than a minefield. A virtual minefield, of course, but a minefield nonetheless.

    And what do minefields do? They slow down the opposition when it tries to advance. And, if by some mischance, all the maps showing minefield locations went missing, then this has the effect of limiting movement for everyone concerned. Neither side gets to go too far forward and, for those that do, it’s usually a very slow and painful progress. My ‘minefield’ would seek to replicate this scenario but could also respond by expanding according to whatever inroads are made upon it. As this is an exponential expansion, its deterrent value soon increases to far outstrip whatever means might be deployed to circumvent it. Those would be exclusively violent means, naturally.

    Maybe the military mind is to be found somewhere in all of us. If it is, then isn’t it time we made much better use of it. When it comes to strategy and tactics, the human race has centuries of experience to draw down upon. We have waged war for more generations and brought into being more ways of killing our fellow man than I care to think about.

    Surely, in this day and age and with so much expertise, we must have reached the point where we can easily figure out how to go about doing just the opposite.

    And if we have, then the long-term consequences of our inaction here may be, potentially, just as harmful as almost anything else.


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