4 thoughts on “IDF: They Shoot Fetuses Don’t They? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The most negative matter is the interference of the Iranian junta in countries of the Middle East and beyond.

    The Palestinians are becoming the victims of these junta.

    I would like to achieve a civilized settlement with the Palestinian people in Gaza, Jerusalem, the West Bank.

    1. The Palestinians need a clean break with the Iranian junta.
    2. The Palestinians must break with all extremists religious fundamentalism.
    3. Both sides must review the past and distance themselves from past pain, in hope of a new future.

    The only positive force is now the strong Palestinian community in Jordan. I hope they can eliminate wrong past myths, and embrace a positive change for a permanent emancipationof of the Palestinians-Jordanians with all Jordanians.

  2. Steve,

    If the Palestinians are being funded by Iran, it’s because Israel, America and the EU started a de facto financial boycott.

  3. The Iranian connection began long before Hamas came to power and was boycotted. Iran paid for the Karine A arms boat ordered in 2002 by Arafat. In terms of the fetus allegedly shot by the IDF, how do we know that it is real? Photoshop is capable of all sorts of feats. 100 years ago in Russia, dead children were routinely offered as “evidence” of blood libels.

  4. Iran paid for the Karine A arms boat ordered in 2002 by Arafat.

    So say you, David Horowitz, Little Green Footballs & a whole boatload of other Islamophobes. Now provide some credible evidence.

    the fetus allegedly shot by the IDF,

    Who else could’ve done so? The Nahal troop was on the roof across the street. Yet you persist in yr disgusting rhetorical gyrations trying to absolve the IDF of responsibility. You are pathetic.

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