14 thoughts on “Rachel Neuwirth Harasses Tikun Olam – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hello Richard,

    It must be stating the obvious for you but there seems to have been one or two ‘not so nice’ people vying for your attention of late. Suffice it to say, the world’s capacity to expunge such as these from our midst has long been limited. By the way, notice there how I’ve managed to acquire the category of ‘nice’ for both of us.

    Maybe you wouldn’t be entirely comfortable with that label. Too overtly liberal perhaps, too idealistic, not enough steel entering into the collective soul. ‘Nice guys finish last’ so they say, ‘Nice guys never get the girl’, ‘ Nice guys can’t hack it when the going gets tough;, ‘Nice guys are never man enough
    to get the job done alone’. Much the same might be said of ‘nice’ solutions also. And haven’t we all seen plenty of those in our time.

    But could the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict derive far more benefit from a ‘not so nice’ solution, one where a more radical procedure makes ‘niceness’ not a primary consideration? Certainly a little more muscle in any sort of peace process generally makes for a much faster delivery and with it, very often, some sort of finality.

    My own preference on the subject may be known to you. If not, it’s now on my first blog (courtesy http://www.blogger) at http://yorketowers.blogspot.com and augmented there by my very own attempt at a graphic representation.

    I can’t help wondering how your Rachel Neuwirth and Steve Plaut might view this particular proposal. Not too kindly, I expect, but then such individuals do tend towards a somewhat blinkered outlook on life. Alternative options to their persuasion, available or mooted, loom large on their radar only as ‘hostile’
    entities. They’d rather shoot first so as to avoid answering questions later. Or even beforehand.

    Good to see it’s still possible to shoot back now and then.


    John Yorke.

  2. How do people like Neuwirth reconcile their arab-hatred with the fact that about half of Israelis are Judaeo-Arabs?

  3. Just guessing Zhu – and perhaps Richard has more insight on this – but the population of Jews in the United States from non-European origin is very small. Perhaps it is different in Chicago (where I am from) – but the vast majority are Ashkenazi,

  4. Neuwirth is Israeli I believe (though I could be wrong about that). As for Mizrahi Jews, people like Neuwirth have an ability to see Jews (except ones like me & many of my readers) as blood kin & therefore within the tribe. Anyone fr. an Arab country w/o the Jewish blood/genes is garbage (unless they’re quislings willing to sing Hatikvah).

  5. Hello Richard,

    You might derive a mild satisfaction knowing that I consider these people jerks and there is a special internet word for what they do. It’s called “noobism” and it’s laughable. You are not exactly a gift from above yourself, but these people are truly despicable.

  6. You are not exactly a gift from above yourself

    If you want to be cute & mean why don’t you grace someone else’s doorstep?

    it’s not ‘about half’. It’s 19%.

    Zhu wrote “Judeo-Arabs” not “Israeli Arabs.” He meant Mizrahi Jews & he would be correct in the figure he provided.

  7. Hard to imagine that such a “looker” could be filled with such hate and venom…me thinks that Rachel needs a new hobby

  8. Not really unbelievable. People who think they are in position to tell other people what to do and how to live are venomous. Doesn’t really matter what side they come from.

  9. Guys,

    The Rachels and Steves of this world may well be out there – and in some number – but I personally have never met any of them. Neither have I met any of the thousands who have died so far – and will continue to die – as a consequence of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. Undoubtedly both groups do exist (or have existed) and our concerns should be addressed to each. But it is possible sometimes to lose sight of what should be the main objective.

    There is a danger that the Rachels and Steves serve only to muddy the waters. Addressing whatever options may yet exist to bring about peace in the Middle East would be the best counterpoint to their arguments.

    I just hope there are still a few of those options left. Otherwise much more heat than light is likely to be generated; a not uncommon condition in the affairs of mankind.

  10. Yes, I meant Mizrachi, Jews who stem from Morocco or Iraq. I ought to add that I am not Chinese, but an American living in China. Zhu Bajie is a folkloric character, one of the heroes in the fantasy epic_Journey to the West_.

  11. Not that it really matters, but Rachel Neuwirth is Israeli, the daughter of two Yemenite immigrant parents. Neuwirth is her married name — from her second husband, if I recall correctly.

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