4 thoughts on “Computerworld Interviews Tikun Olam Over Cyberstalking – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I sympathize. I have not received any responses in my complaints to the ISP to get rid of the virulently anti-semitic site Radio Islam

  2. Richard,
    Really nice job.
    But….we need demonstrations and actions against the major barbarians of our times. ======================
    I would nominate the Iranian mullahs as the chief barbarians, closely followed by Muslim preachers of hate in Palestine, Sudan, Saudi Arabia…. ===========
    A Palestinian barbarian, for example: Sheikh Ahmad Bahr


    Let us see action against these failures of humanity.


  3. Richard,

    You need traveling, and see some failed states.

    The Iranian people are feeling abandoned by us, and suffering under the tyrants of Qom and Tehran.


    Culture War
    by Azar Nafisi
    Post date 04.26.07 | Issue date 04.23.07

    Thinking of the dominant views among Courtesy Agence France Presse/NewsCom American policymakers on Iran, I am reminded of the great Persian poet Jalaledin Rumi’s story about a group of people trying to describe an elephant exhibited in a dark room. One felt the elephant’s back and claimed that it resembled a great throne. Another, touchi…………..

    It is our main task to express our support for all decent Iranians.

    Forget Israel, Iraq, Palestine, move to the Iranian subject.

    Please call on all openminded people for demonstrations against the Iranian mullahs, and their proxis.

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