6 thoughts on “M.J. Rosenberg on Pelosi’s Mideast Trip – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. As someone who opposes the U.S.’s unconditional support for Israel, I am highly pleased by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria and her visit with it’s leader Bashar Assad. Pelosi’s meeting with Assad is very significant, as the Democrats evolving position regarding the Middle East is for dialouge with the leaders of Syria and Iran. The next Democratic President, especially if it’s someone other than Hillary Clinton, will make it a top priority to settle the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, and will open up relations with the leaders of Syria and Iran. Pelosi is laying the groundwork.


  2. ehud olmert first denied this message and then cheney chimed in to support the flayiling speaker pelosi is getting from the varied sources, i dont expect the attacks to stop as the neocons and their minions now have blood in the water…http://www.jta.org/cgi-bin/iowa/breaking/101049.html

    As someone who also opposes the u.s.’s unconditional support for Israel, i am highly pleased to see israel become the focus of more problems for any american politician. Now i only wish speaker pelosi would step up and speak up and point to israels intransigence on peace matters to be the reason the u.s is so hated by the muslim nations, who see our unconditional support for this apartheid state called israe, as the force that drives their hatred for america, tying the two nations together (israel and america) into the great satan and little satan they so love to hate.

    i can only hope and pray for this problem called unconditional support for israel be brought the the attention of mainstream america and hit them dead smack in the face. Unfortunately the repercussions of this revelation coming to mainstream americas attention may cause other problems, but frankly i am sick and tired of seeing all that is done by these americans with dual allegiance, it does seem that this great nation( the united states) is being manipulated by this force which opresses and forces it’s will on us.

    how can such a small minority cause so many problems in just one nation? i wonder if this is only history repeating itself.

  3. When I hear phrases like “dual allegiance” and “a small minority causing so many problems in just one nation” I get my hackles up. This borders on classic anti-Semitic phraseology. Since I know you to be generally in sync with many of my views perhaps you’re not aware just how touchy these sorts of phrases are. I support Israel while being an American citizen & supporting my country’s interests. I have no dual allegiance & don’t like the term.

    As for the small minoirty perhaps you meant AIPAC & its supporters rather than all Jews. At least I hope that’s what you meant.

  4. Now speaking on behalf of myself, I will say that AIPAC and its supporters in fact do have a duel allegiance. Actually that’s putting it mildly, as they only care about the U.S. giving unconditional support to Israel. They don’t care about our interests in this country, and that includes Jews other than themselves. They don’t care about people in the rest of the world either.

    However, AIPAC and its supporters aren’t the only ones responsible for our government’s irresponsible policies in the Middle East. There are corporate interests that benefit from this policy. Apache which supplies the helicopter gunships, Caterpillar which supplies the bulldozer tanks that mow down Palestinians homes, the remainder of the military-industrial complex, and the oil corporations all benefit from our government’s policy towards the Israelis and Palestinians and want this to continue. Unfortunately, Israel has become an outpost in the Middle East for these American corporations.

  5. In response to Samuel Burke, I want to remind everyone that the fundamentalist Christians have been a powerful force in support of the Israeli occupation and settlements that is the well-spring of Muslim hostility to the US. The possession by Israel of all the ancient lands of the Jews is necessary for the second coming of Jesus according Robertson, Hagee, Falwell etc. These “peace loving Christians” were also a powerful force supporting the Bush invasion of Iraq. I, too, have been worried sick about the influence of the Israeli Lobby on our foreign policy in the Middle East. But the fundamentalist Christians which number between 40-80 million (Jerry Falwell says 80 milliion) are a powerful and politically active part of the Israeli Lobby.

  6. Absolutely richard, my reference is to the powers of aipac and the newspapers and neocons that enforce this blind allegience to israel. i date a jewish girl who has no idea of any of what is being done in the name of israel, i could actually use the word oblivious in describing the ammount of awareness that she and her friends have about aipac or israels influence and intimidation over the us government (congress and senate), and who knows how far and deep this influence delves, the wolfowitz, feith pentagon inside job they pulled on the cia is an example of further intrusion into the halls of power by this cabal .

    i realize that jews automatically get their “hackles up” as you say, when they hear of any jew, or israel being blamed, and see it as anti semitic conspiratorial shenanigans, but aipac and most of these groups (neocons, newspapers that push their agenda) are jewish (they are the visible jew) and pretend to speak for jews in america. i believe most jews in america are like the girl i date, and have no idea whatsoever, how aipac and their minions are changing the way a jew is viewed in america. As has been pointed out before by Hoenlein, christians in america will end up supporting israel as a nation more zealously than jews, they (israel through aipac and their minions) have cultivated the christian relationship for a very strategic reason, mainly, the blind, religiously inspired, support of israels interests in america. Europe is a post christian continent, europes churches are mostly empty, and they are much more critical of israel than america is at the present time.

    i stand by my belief that the tide is turning, right now jews are being viewed very differently in academia and among the intelligensia around america, further on down the road i believe what hoenlein and dershowitz similarly described as the “poisoning of the water” in reference to the changing attitudes they see taking place in america. It is precisely now that the christians will be worked up into a religious frenzy in support for israel and all they stand for and do, unfortunately this is happening at the expense of the new devil “the muslims”. Interesting to note that i am beginning to see messianic jews being invited as speakers in christian congregations, and what do they preach? the nation of israel and the end time scenario, which must of necessity mean support for israel, in opposition to muslims who seek to destroy her. In messianic congregations that i have attended the main speaker is a man by the name of Bill koenig, the thrust of his message is that whenever the u.s follows a policy that forces israel to give up land for peace a disaster happens in america, i.e hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes….etc, he tries to divide the christians along the lines between those who support israel and those who believe israels time in prophesy is now past, and when i say he tries to divide, i mean he tries to make anyone who believes the other christian position that says that the church replaces israel as the israel of God, very unconfortable to the point of making them sound as haters and unpatriotic as americans. dont take my word for this…his site is watch.org and here is his mission statement…

    “Provide readers, by means of a 365-day, year-round news service, with “front lines” information from the White House relevant to Israel and its role in the unfolding global drama.
    Educate readers, through truthful, discerning, and frequent commentary, about the significance of current events affecting Israel and our world either directly or indirectly.”

    we shall all be able to see how it plays out, cause i believe this train has left the station.

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