7 thoughts on “Tanya Reinhart, Israeli Academic Activist Against Occupation, Dies – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I am sad that a woman of 63 dies so young. HOwever, that being said, she cannot spread more hate and lies about Israel, and now we have one less Israeli “academic” to destroy the homeland of Jews. May she rest in Peace, and may we have peace back in academia.

  2. Why am I not surprised at the heartlessness of Allyson Rowen Taylor. Allyson, I detest everything you stand for. But should you, God forbid, ever share Tanya’s fate, I would never say, think or write about you as you have about Tanya. May you live a long life–long enough to teach you what a callous person you were in your younger years; and that being a human being requires having a bit of empathy even for those you hate, because they are human too just like you. Someday, you may regret writing to Adam Horowitz, someone you didn’t even know, to ask why he supports murdering Jews. You may regret it not just because you were caught at it (which you were); but because it was a genuninely shameful thing to do. But it would require a conscience for you to feel such regret. That’s something neither you nor Rachel seem to have.

  3. An informative quote from Tanya Reinhardt. Are you sure that you identify with her strongly?
    Indymedia, Israel
    October 25, 2001


    Tanya Reinhart

    The most important is, of course, to form contacts and aid the Palestinian organizations. An exciting development in the last few months has been the international solidarity movement. Individuals from all over the world come to stay at the Palestinian areas, serve as human shields and join political struggle. It is still possible to do this, though it is getting more difficult and dangerous. (Contact: http://www.palsolidarity.org.il).

    Finally, there is one simple thing that anybody can do: Boycott Israel – join, for starts, the consumers boycott which has been going on for a while in various places in Europe. It is easy to do – just don’t buy ‘made in Israel’ products. But it is also a useful means of political activity and education. In the days of the South-Africa boycott, people used to sneak in to supermarkets and paste ‘South Africa’ stickers on the relevant products. Leafletting outside supermarkets, explaining why we boycott Israel is a good way to get the information through.

    Israel is not the US. It is a small country with hardly any economy, and with a self-image completely detached from reality. It can be stopped.

  4. Are you sure that you identify with her strongly?

    Where did I say that? Would you at least make an elementary effort to characaterize my views accurately, please. First, I identity with with any Israeli peace activist. And as a Jew, I have mercy on the souls of the dead especially those who die before their time.

    I stated clearly that I did not see eye to eye with her on some issues. Did you not read that? I would certainly take issue with some of the views expressed in the passage you quote. But does she deserve to be memorialized? Did she give her all to resist the Occupation? Did she walk a hard, lonely road in doing so? Did she pay a price academically, professionally and personally? You bet.

  5. In supporting the International Solidarity Movement, which she clearly does on the quote from her website, she discredits herself as a peace activist. The ISM has never condemned terror against Israeli civilians, and hosted the two British Muslims who perpetrated the Mikes Place bombing in occupied Tel Aviv. Thus, Tanya is not only an opponent of the occupation, but Israel itself. While I respect your views as being zionist although far to the left of mine, I hope you dont become an anti-zionist.

  6. Now I think I understand what the likes of NK and Satmar mean when they say Zionism alienates Jews from Torah. Now I don’t mean it in the same way they do (what with their bashing of Israeli secularism, right left and center), but to speak ill of Jewish dead, let alone desecrate the body of one, is absolutely assur. Not even the most nationalistic knit-cap settler would think of this. As much as I condemn him for his crimes, I would never wish the same ill activities on Baruch Goldstein’s body as Allyson has with Dr. Reinhart’s.

    “occupied Tel Aviv”

    Whoa – Freudian slip?

  7. B.BarNavi: I should make clear that Allyson was the commenter who left the very first comment in this thread & not necessarily the person who wrote the passage I quoted in this post about desecrating Tanya Reinhart’s body. I would like to know who wrote that passage but they’ve tried to cloak themselves in anonymity as all cowards do.

    You make a good point about these alleged Jews desecrating even Judaism with their foul ideas. But I do beg to differ w. you regarding whether this sentiment would be at home in settler circles. Many of the people spouting this sort of rhetoric do find a home in the settler movement. Certainly not every settler would agree w. this sentiment. But the most extreme (followers of Baruch Goldstein for example) would agree with this nonsense.

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