16 thoughts on “Masada 2000, the Jewish Radical Right, and the Pornographic Instinct – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @MelvinSchnell:

      The first amendment covers freedom of association as well as expression; and it applies to the government, not private institutions. So the site’s host can therefore voluntarily choose to disassociate itself from the Masada2000 group who are up and running again at this present time (May 2009). Moreover, the spirit of the law is designed to serve as a shield, not a sword. It’s there to protect people from persecution; not assist them in persecuting others. The irony is obvious.

  1. Does the first amendment allow you to call for the rape of women? Hmmm, I don’t think so. Besides, the webhost’s terms of service are the most relevant in this matter since they control whether the site can be online or not. If you violate TOS & the host agrees that you are, you’re pretty much toast at least as far as that host is concerned.

  2. I rememember looking at this site a while ago, it was pretty disgusting. In some cases, the owners published email addresses plus other contact information for those whom the authors disagreed with along with incitements to violence.

    In anycase, according, to wikipedia, it’s been shut down now.

  3. W Dean: Yes, it is/was a vile, filthy site. The owners had warped minds in so many ways. WIkipedia noted it HAD been shut down. Then it started up again. But my complaint to Bsinet.net seems to have shut the site down again.

  4. I guess you should feel proud!
    The problem with this : free speech only for pregressive socialist thought?

    I wonder why you wanted the whole site down? Why not simply that which you thought stepped over the line?
    I sure hope your just as active in taking down sites that promote the continued murder of your brothers and sisters.

    Where does it stop? How many web sites are targets? I mean there sure are tons of them out there with much the same and even worse–will you also go after them?

  5. BubbI You’ve got it ALL WRONG.

    free speech only for pregressive [sic] socialist thought?

    No, free speech for anyone who doesn’t invade someone’s privacy by posting their e mail addresses & thereby encouraging harassment; free speech for anyone who doesn’t post nude pictures purporting to portray the victim listed in the S.H.I.T. list; free speech for anyone who doesn’t proclaim rape fantasies against specific women.

    Have you looked at this site? Clearly you haven’t. You ask why I didn’t encourage taking down only the offending pgs. THere were nearly 8,000 names on the S.H.I.T. Each entry contained scurrilous, false & defaming claims against ea. person listed. What would be left of the site if you took those pgs. down & left the rest? And besides, I didn’t take the site down. The host did. I’m sure that if the host felt it could take down specific pgs. & maintain the rest of the site it would’ve done that. Taking down the whole site was its decision, not mine.

    I mean there sure are tons of them out there with much the same and even worse–will you also go after them?

    I’m against senseless hate on the web. If you inform me about sites you feel equal Masada2000 in their level of hate, I’ll review them.

  6. Melvin: I agree that the site is absolutely disgusting. I’d urge you to do an ArinWHois search on the domain & find out who the webhost is and go to the webhosts site & look for the customer service or complain contact info and register a complaint. You have to find specific instances at the site where it violates the webhost’s terms of service. If you need any advice on how to do this get in touch with me directly & I’ll do what I can to help. Unfortunately, just run of the mill historical errors or anti-Jewish propaganda probably wouldn’t get the site taken down. But if they infringe people’s privacy or ridicule specific people who are private individuals or suggest that women need ‘reaming” (as Masada2000 did)–that would be actionable.

  7. According to the website the guy who runs it is supposed to be based in Sweden but the website seems to be hosted in the US.

    Domain ID:D799230-LROR
    Domain Name:RADIOISLAM.ORG
    Created On:20-Nov-1997 05:00:00 UTC
    Last Updated On:23-Oct-2004 08:54:27 UTC
    Expiration Date:19-Nov-2010 05:00:00 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar:Network Solutions LLC (R63-LROR)
    Registrant ID:25026546-NSI
    Registrant Organization:LARISA-REINOLDS DMITRIEVNA
    Registrant Street1:Malaia Podiacheskaia Street,
    Registrant Street2:House 8 , Apt 7
    Registrant City:St Peterburg
    Registrant Postal Code:190068
    Registrant Country:RU
    Registrant Email:abbccom@HOTMAIL.COM
    Admin ID:26358297-NSI
    Admin Name:Mohamed William
    Admin Organization:American Islam Society
    Admin Street1:PO Box 81 475
    Admin City:Chicago
    Admin State/Province:IL
    Admin Postal Code:60681
    Admin Country:US
    Admin Phone:+1.8183687937
    Admin Phone Ext.:
    Admin Email:abbccom@HOTMAIL.COM
    Tech ID:15361579-NSI
    Tech Name:Clever Computers, Inc.
    Tech Organization:Clever Computers, Inc.
    Tech Street1:18 PERIMETER PARK DR STE 111
    Tech City:ATLANTA
    Tech State/Province:GA
    Tech Postal Code:30341-1325
    Tech Country:US
    Tech Phone:+1.77045207
    Tech Email:webmaster@CLEVER.NET

    IP address:
    Reverse DNS: client.covesoft.net.
    Reverse DNS authenticity: [Verified]
    ASN: 14361
    IP range connectivity: 2
    Registrar (per ASN): ARIN
    Country (per IP registrar): US [United States]
    Country Currency: USD [United States Dollars]
    Country IP Range: to
    Country fraud profile: Normal
    City (per outside source): Washington, District Of Columbia
    Country (per outside source): US [United States]
    Private (internal) IP? No
    IP address registrar: whois.arin.net
    Known Proxy? No
    Link for WHOIS:

  8. I looked up Clever Computers & they seem to be at this URL: http://clevercomputers.com/. Clever.net didn’t yield anything. But I note that the named servers are pointing to Network Solutions servers which would usually indicate that it was the host. It is sometimes diff. to get a host to confirm whether a site is served by them. But you can write to NS or Clever Computers customer service asking if it is. But be sure to provide documented evidence of which pages violate the TOS. You can’t just say the site is bad or hateful or whatever. You need clear-cut violations.

    Someone should also check whether the American Islam Society is a 501 c3 organization. If it is & is involved with this site in any way that could be reported to the IRS as a violation of non profit rules.

  9. Hi Richard,
    I want to thankyou for taking the time to answer my post.
    In answer to your question–Yes-I have used the site for their maps and dates.
    I never saw the “list” you speak of–im not saying it wasnt there–I just didnt delve that far into the site.

    I agree that persnal information and libal should be reported. I think any type of Identy theft and that includes posting personal info should be taken down.
    But I still believe that one must becareful as this can open a pandoras box of complaints and sites being taken down simply because someone doesnt like what they see.

    Are you aware that this is already happening in smaller ways? I post at a travel site (Israel travel) and anti-Israel groups will invade the site and hit the “report abuse” button and before you know it–this perfectly benign site is full of hate postings while the rest of us try to reach those in charge to right this wrong. It doesnt work–seems most abuse reporting is delt with via automated systems.

    Just for your information–that list is still out there having been reproduced by other sites and I think archived at Google (im not 100% sure about that one as I did not follow the link.)

  10. Thanks for the info. How do I obtain the TOS of the server. I cant seem to figure out who the actual server is?

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