5 thoughts on “Beit Hanun Massaacre Victims: ‘We Hope We Are Last Victims of This War’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Oy, what a chnyuk. My Terms of Use do not ask anyone to inform me when they’ve quoted (or in yr. case, misquoted) from my posts. Can’t you read? I only ask this if you post one of my images. It’s all there clear as day. What you’re really doing is attempting to goad me with an immature Nyah, Nyah & saying: “I gave you the wingnut onceover in my blog. Now come & see.” Pretty pathetic.

    But I would encourage my readers to go visit your shmatta & put in a good word for my/our perspective on these issues. Rightist pro-Israel hacks like this guy shouldn’t get away w. “murder” through their lying & other distortions of truth & reality. And, hey thanks for linking to my post. I always like having new readers no matter what their political stripe. Even those who embrace your Palestinian hatemongering will have an opportunity to read a different perspective; though if they’re like you they’ll probably only find their prejudices confirmed.

  2. Actually, I had no intention of starting any sort of argument with you. Your terms say:
    “2. You may use my material as long as you link to, and credit it. If you use any of my images or other material in ways I deem inappropriate (including but not limited to disparaging, insulting or defaming me) you are violating my terms of use and infringing on my copyright.”

    “Material” in normal English includes text.

    Perhaps your command of English is not what I had hoped, as you accuse me of “misquoting” you when I quoted your entire entry above verbatim.

    At any rate, I appreciate the plug, as well.

  3. I re-read my Terms of Use and though the passage fr. my Terms of Use you quote above in no way requests, as you claim it does, that you notify me that you are quoting my post, there is another later passage that is ambiguous. I have changed that to indicate I want to be notified only when people use images of mine. Pls. in the future when you decide to do a hit job on me do not bother to notify me in advance. I’d rather sleep peacefully than know that you have butchered my ideas and beliefs.

    By “misquote” I did not mean that you quoted me incorrectly, but rather than you deliberately misread my MEANING. Either you are carelessly ignorant or a willful liar and distorter of the truth. Either way, it makes you one mean SOB.

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