3 thoughts on “Robert Rosenberg, Israeli Internet Pioneer, Journalist and Social Activist, Dies at 54 – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thanks for this tribute Richard. I had the great fun of working with Robert at Haaretz and he was truly one of a kind. I also relied on his “The Situation” for an insightful summary of the latest news. David Landau’s piece in Haaretz today captures some of the essence of Robert’s personality and notes that beyond his phenomenal talents he was a “mensch” – whose salient characteristic was goodheartedness….

  2. “Robert’s column was a cogent and sharp progressive analysis of Israeli politics.”

    I subscribed to his daily email since I heard about Ariga from your blog. I found the column to be lucid, articulate, insightful and …. very apolitical. That is to say, free of personal editorializing. Unless what you definded as his “column” were actually different pieces from his daily email, I’m not sure how you arrived at referring to it as “progressive”.

  3. Jake Haller: Robert was first of all a consummate journalist. You won’t find obvious editorializing in his work. He was too classy for that. His work was nothing like what I do here where I do editorialize though I hope in not too strident way for most people’s taste.

    As you said, I WAS referring to his daily column, Today’s Situation, in saying it presented a progressive perspective on the Israeli political scene. I guess if you don’t see a progressive outlook in his material that’s a good thing. It means he was doing his job as a journalist.

    But if you look at what he said about respective politicians like Peretz, Peres, Olmert, Halutz, & parties like Labor, Kadima & Likud, etc. I think there’s plainly a sympathy for a more progressive view of Israeli society & politics than anything else. And as I said, I didn’t always agree with Robert. He sometimes took more centrist to soft-right positions. But mostly I think he got things just right.

    Here’s another sentence from the obit which captures what I meant about his political outlook:

    Rosenberg’s prescient interest in computers and the Internet, combined with his dedication to the cause of peace and social justice, led him to found the Ariga Web site in 1995.

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