5 thoughts on “Pope Benedict: ‘Oops, Did I Say That?’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I remember reading, when Benedict was first appointed (?) Pope – how similar he was supposed to be to John Paul II. This speech really shows the contrast. John Paul, the former actor, was so cognizant of how he would be viewed all over the world, not just among Catholics. While I have a lot of issues with many (most?) of his conservative beliefs – I feel he was sincere in his desire to heal the rifts between Catholicism and other faiths (in particular, Judaism).

    Benedict has a different agenda – particular a Euro-centric one – and seems to have blinders on in promoting that agenda. John Paul II would NEVER have planted his foot so deep in his mouth as did Benedict.

    Whatever you might think of John Paul – he was clearly a first-rate leader and thinker. I think it’s become ever clearer – Benedict isn’t in the same league…

  2. You both echoed my thoughts-and you wrote it so well. It is depressing to have such stupid people, and so many of them, in such high places.

  3. I felt very conflicted about John Paul. On the one hand, his attempts to reach out to the world’s Jews by admitting the Church’s heinous offenses against Jews throughout history was revolutionary for the Church. But doctrinally, he was such a disaster. Aside fr. a few issues, I felt he was mostly an irrelevancy to the world outside of its Catholics.

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