5 thoughts on “IDF Gaza Invasion Continues Relentless Spree of Civilian Deaths – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to find your name anywhere on this site. I’m sure it’s in large print somewhere; I just need more coffee. In any case, Good morning! As someone who has only heard the Israeli(aipac/IDF) version of this conflict, I have only very recently realized that I knew absolutely NOTHING about the other side of the coin. Nor am I at all versed in the start of the “occupation”, and I am very ashamed, ’cause I know better than to think that a democracy is always right. To remedy this, if you have the time,( I don’t presume that you answer all comments) please direct me to where I may learn more about this. Perhaps from the months leading to the 1967 war(with all sides reasoning) to today, or whatever you feel I should learn. Internet only please. I’m raising 2 grandchildren, I’m too lazy to read books anymore. Thank you for any assistance, and I look forward to more entries in this blog. Very informative!

  2. I’m not quite sure what you mean. Israel IS war-focussed. War in Lebanon, war in Gaza. I don’t follow what “topics” you’re referring to as being ‘inseparable’: war & peace? Lebanon & Gaza? If you’re referring to war & peace then yes, they are inseparable. How can you have peace unless you first end war? In fact, how can you induce a culture of peace w/o first ending the killing?

    In terms of inculcating a real culture of peace that reflects long-term stability, prosperity and mutual tolerance–that will take quite some time AFTER war ends. You can’t eradicate emotions & hatreds that have been building for generations overnight. But it can be done in time.

  3. Tom: Welcome to my blog & I’m glad you find it informative.

    But whew, that’s a tall order (your request). I understand that Gershom Gorenberg’s new book is quite good and it’s a large scale history of the settler movement & its impact on Israeli society from 1967 to the present. Put the terms “Gershom Gorenberg” into my blog’s search field & you’ll find the post I wrote about the book & his views on this subject. For online material, I can’t vouch for its overall balance or accuracy but Wikipedia is generally a good start on subjects like this. Do searches on “Israel”, “Israeli-Palestinian conflict”, “Israeli-Arab conflict”, “1967 war” or “Six Day War,” etc. I think that’ll give you a head start on the subject.

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