2 thoughts on “Lebanon Peacekeeping Mission Hits Major Snag – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. As usual an outstanding presentation of the events Richard.
    I was also really caught u in another view of the story presented by Jonathan Cook. I will just paste the coupe of passages that were really interesting for me. Howver, I will also provide the website, in case you are interested in reiewing it fully.
    (although I would have prefered a tone not so incriminating … but it is a stly of writing I guess)

    Jonathan Cook’s last passage:

    But, more significantly, what is Israel’s intention towards the United Nation’s ceasefire when it chooses to VIOLATE it not only by assaulting Hizbullah positions in an area outside the “buffer zone” it has invaded but also then implicates the Lebanese army in the attack? Is there not a DANGER that Hizbullah fighters may now fire on Lebanese TROOPS FEARING that they are undercover Israeli soldiers? Does Israel’s deceit not further weaken the standing of the Lebanese army, which under Resolution 1701 is supposed to be policing south Lebanon on Israel’s behalf? Could reluctance on the part of Lebanon’s army to engage Hizbullah as a result not potentially provide an excuse for Israel to renew hostilities? And what would have been said had Israel launched the same operation disguised as UN peacekeepers, the international force arriving to augment the Lebanese soldiers already in the area? These questions need urgent answers but, as usual, they were not raised by diplomats or the media.


  2. Thanks, Nawar. I hadn’t even thought of the IDF’s cynical abuse of trust that needs to exist bet. the Lebanese army & its citizens, including Hezbollah supporters. These are good ?s that Cook raises.

    And yes, other things I’ve read by Cook are quite pugnacious. Something about this conflict brings out the pugilist in everyone who writes about it (including me at times).

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