3 thoughts on “Did Olmert Reign In Israeli Response to Hezbollah? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You have helped to educated me. I saw a program on Olmert. His wife and adult children are very impressive in their own right and have helped to put forth the other side. They freely admitted that they did not vote for him until recently as they did not agree with his position on the settlements. It made me feel better that Olmert was hearing voices (such as ours) from his own family members. It gave me hope.
    Thanks for all that you do to shed light on the mess in the ME. Jeanne

  2. I didn’t see that program. All I can say is his wife must have some influence on his children’s politics because I wrote here 2 months ago or so about Dana Olmert’s (his daughter) joining a protest outside Chief of Staff Dan Halutz’s home to protest the IDF’s killing of Gaza civilians in botched targeted assassinations which caused the deaths of scores of innocent civilians. I assure you Dana didn’t learn those politics fr. her father.

    Though one has to give Olmert credit for raising children who are entitled to disagree w. him. He’s a complicated man, part nationalist street bully & part pragmatic politician.

  3. One of Olmert’s son signed the petition refusing to serve in the West Bank–that, of course, was big news in Israel. Olmert’s wife is an accomplished artist and has many friends who are against the settlements and occupation. These friends struggle with this problem–and at times have gone for years not speaking to Olmert, only his wife. They spoke of having dinner with Peace Now friends when Olmert was called about the opening of the tunnel. They were so angry at this provocative act that they did not speak to Olmert for a number of years. The fact that Olmert was able to love and accept this entire family who expressed their disapproaval of him so publicly made me feel much better about him. For me, this tolerance and acceptance was something that made me admire and respect the Jewish or Israeli culture as I have admired these attitudes in my friends in New York. I realize that this might not describe the settlers, Hasidim, etc. but at any rate, Olmert has a wonderful wife and family which made me think that he wasn’t as bad as I feared.

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