2 thoughts on “Israel, Expanding Lebanon Presence, to Be Drawn Deeper into Quagmire – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. So you are disillusioned about the IDF and I am disillusioned about the USA. I’ve known for years that my government (America) does bad things but I keep hoping it’s just an aberration. A passing insanity. Now with this latest war and bushco’s indifference to suffering and encouragement of slaughter, I have totally lost all loyalty to my own country. My brother says not to give up, it’s just this administration, we have to fight them and get different guys in. But look at Hillary. No, I am completely despairing. Maybe 20% of the American public gets it, maybe less. The rest follow their leaders: kill Arabs, damn the price.

    Not very dovish of me, is it? I’m one despairing Dove, that’s for sure.

    You, Richard are a ray of light. So I’ll think about that now. You are not alone, either, there are many, many other good Americans like you. But how is it that we are so outnumbered by these people who believe what Bushco tell them?

  2. Laila: Good to hear from you even if you’re one despairing Dove.

    I guess we’re both disillusioned about the IDF AND the USA (perhaps you were never “illusioned” about the IDF to begin with so that might be the wrong word to choose).

    I have lived through some truly awful presidents & found myself despairing during the terms of Nixon, Reagan and now Bush. It will be hard to wait for the next three years to be over so that we may hopefully choose a more sane candidate for president. But I share your horror at what the current one is doing.

    I’ve decided that I will not vote for Hillary in any Democratic primary. She turns my stomach, I’m sorry to say. I hope that Russell Feingold becomes a strong candidate. He’s also quite good on the I-P conflict.

    As for those who don’t “get it” regarding the evil of this conflict…I know it’s hard to say “give it time” since the Lebanese do not have time; but…this war threatens to become very unpopular very fast–even in Israel. Israel has already failed at this once before. I don’t believe Israelis will allow another failure, which this will undoubtedly become, to go on very long. Nor will the world. Condi won one small battle in Rome today for indifference & apathy. Criticism will mount & the U.S. eventually will be forced to concede an immediate ceasefire. I just hope it doesn’t take too long to get there.

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