7 thoughts on “Lebanon: So Twisted by Hate You Cannot Recognize an Ally – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hey Richard,

    I am not sure when you posted it, I do not have any such comment on my blog. I receive e-mail notification when I get comments but I did not receive any alerting me that you have commented today (it’s 1 pm and I just woke up…). It could be that my blog has filtered out the comment and automaticlaly deleted because of the profanities, as I have a filter for spam.

    At any rate, that comment is totally unrepresentative of what we the Lebanese feel. And of course, I condemn it 100%. People should stop portraying this as a Jew/Muslim or Jew/non-Jew conflict. It is not, despite the fact that the rhetoric is full of religious elements…

  2. You have a right to expect more Richard, but since when has war and violence been an instigator of understanding, tolerance or dialogue?

    Unfortunately, as bombs and rockets fall and innocents are burried, we are gonna see more of this on both sides.

  3. Thanks so very much to both Ramzi and Anarchristian for expressing their feelings about this type of reaction to the invasion. It is really heartening that despite the awful violence being perpetrated on Lebanon (& also northern Israel) that we can still find common ground & tolerant discussion. May we all find peace & an end to this madness very soon.

    Anarchristian: That must be what happened. I published the comment at yr blog & it did appear on screen. But after that your filter must’ve removed the comment. Sorry I assumed that perhaps you did it. I’ll edit my post accordingly to reflect that.

    I agree that the person isn’t in Lebanon. But she could be either a Lebanese living abroad or else an Arab who sees herself as in solidarity with the Lebanese.

  4. Hi Richard,

    I don’t think these two letters are worth any more time or thought. The Internet is full of people like this; if they’re not interested in discourse, they’re not worth anyone’s time.

  5. dear richard,

    my name is manuela,i’m 18 years old from lebanonand i just wanna tell u that i really respect your objective attitude toward what happened in lebanon………..
    u know,as a muslim girl,i was never told to hate the jews……..when i was in the uk a few years ago,i befriended a great deal of jewish friends..they were so nice and we’re still in touch!!!!!so in brief,i just wanna say that i respect all the religions around the world…….the israeli reaction was indeed irrational………i just hope that a great num of jews join me and you in our peaceful movement so that the world would be a peaceful place……..after all,we’re all human beings!!!!!! peace,manuela*

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