3 thoughts on “Israeli General: Policy Towards Lebanon, Syria ‘A Little Delusional’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. In these dark days (or maybe it’s more appropriate to say “darker” days), it’s comforting to know that I can visit Tikun Olam and get a dose of sane insight on the very complex issues driving the conflict in the Middle East. It is so disheartening to read and hear the ignorant and hateful comments coming from most Americans who are speaking up on these issues. While some may find it laudable that so many in this country support Israel’s actions whole-heartedly, the energy behind so much of this support seems racist, spiteful–almost sadistic, as if John Bolton’s comment about no moral equivalency exists between Lebanese civilian deaths and terror-deaths inside Israel were actually true. It’s the perfect illustration of what so many Muslims around the world believe–that their lives, their blood, their misery doesn’t have anywhere near the same value as that of so-called “Christians” or their Jewish brethren. If more Americans could step outside their selfish lives for two seconds and feel a little empathy for “the other,” whether they are living in Beirut, Gaza, or Fallujah, perhaps they would be a little less sanguine about the civilian innocents killed in these places, all in the name of the so-called “war on terror.” As it is now, aside from some bloodthirsty cheering from the sidelines about “kicking some Arab ass,” most Americans don’t much care about that part of the world until it hits them in the pocket-book when filling up. If more people were better informed, they may continue their strong support of Israel, but would do so with a greater dose of humanity and empathy. I think Tikun Olam, and your proposed Middle East Peace Blog Aggregator site go a long way towards furthering this possibility.

  2. I am an American and I don’t think that I know much about this horrible conflict but I do know that my gut is telling me that what Israel is doing is wrong. I am so angry and embarrassed by our President Bush that I can hardly stand it and the fact that we don’t demand a cease fire is absolutely wrong. I heard one talking head from Washington say today, “how do you demand a cease fire from a terrorist? I wonder which side he was speaking of. Both sides seem hateful. Lebanon seems to have more of a reason to be angry in my judgment, however.

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