6 thoughts on “Hezbollah Hit Israeli Ship With Advanced Iranian-Chinese Missile – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. i am 56, and i have been following world news for some time, and at times it seems our ‘leaders’ have a kindergarten mentality. they REALLY can’t see the forest throught the trees. we had the chance, SEVERAL times, to win the korean war, the viet-nam war AND mnay TIME TO GET RID IF IRAN!!! SINCE 1979!, we, the U.S. HAS been attacked several times. at least 2 embassy bombings, andd a ship, AND WHAT DID WE DO? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! why? because we hav e gutless, traitorous men in our gov’t that want to bring this country DOWN!!! we knew who did these bombings. why didn’t er go after them?? GUTLESS!!!! pure and simple. ALL WE DO IS TALK, and let the enemy do what he wants to. if i were pres. reagan, and i found out that our men were captures like the ones during the iran crisis, i would put our military on war movement, and told iran, that they had 24 hrs. to have our men back on OUR soil, and if this was not done, they would have been nuked off this planet!!! YES, we would have lost thise men, BUT we would have remained a super-power. what are we now?? a wimp!! am i against this country?? not one bit! i am just against us sitting on our butts, and not doing what should be done!!! we even had the chance to tell china a thing or two back in the 50’s, but our great ‘leader’ then did not like maccarther, so he did things his way, instead of listening to the guys who fight the war ans really see what is going on out in the field. we had MANY chances to win the korean war. iran’s nuke facility MUST BE DESTROYED!!! iran, china, russia, AND england, ARE NOT OUR ALLIES!!!. people in this country HADbtter WAKE UP!!!! AND, the rest of the world DOES NOT help get rid of haezbollah, this planet IS going to be in a world of hurt. ISLAM IS NOT OUR FRIEND!!! PERIOD!!! the U.S. MUST back israel at any cost. if we do not, then ths country WILL BE DEFEATED!!! we know who our enemies are, and we just sit around and play patty-cake with them. HOW MORONIC AND STUPID!!! what is it going to take to put the guts back into us?? we did make 2 very STUPID mistakes! 1. by getting rid of the draft. 2. putting women in combat zones!. our leaders don’t havea lick of brains. a pet-rock has more. and now we have a senate full of traitors, and the house full of cowards. we are in such good hands. well, God is watching, and biding HIS time. the land that the palestinians claim is theres, IS NOT!!! never has been, and never will be. allah is NOT the God of the bible. Jesus’ teachings NEVER taught ANYONE to go around blowing innocent people up. can israel do this alone? yes, with God’s help. AND if the U.S. does not support her, then God WILL deal with us!!! as He will with the rest of the world, WHEN that time comes. israel IS on her own because of the gutless nations in this planet. the world sees how the people in these islamic countries are treated, AND this WILL BE the way any nation and its people WILL be treated if theses cowards get in!!! it is just that simple. God is the ONLY one that can save this country. we are only as strong as the One we rely on!!! we had the viet-nam war won, except for the traitor j. carey! why won’t this country learn? when will it learn. the next time WILL BE TOO LATE. WE WILL BE DEFEATED!!!! the deoms ARE traitors! and the repub. are gutless to stop them. i am not for either party, but i will say this right now. we will bet a demo in the white house next term, and that will be the final straw that brings the down-fall upon this great nation!!! we know what iran, china, russia and all the others are like AND what they want to do, BUT we just sit back and be STUPID, and do nothing, except flap our gumbs!!1 how superior we are. BULL. israel has to be very careful in every thing she does. AND i totally believe that the MEDIA should STOP giving EVERY etail on what is going on. they are part of the problem. israel has got to think this over. keep doing what they are doing, but be very careful. the rest of the world had better get off their backside and join, or they will lose in the end. this whole planet will. thnaks for listening. curtis

  2. It’s hardly surprising that Hezbollah is covertly being funded by the Chinese and Russians. The economically wrecked Russia and the energy hungry Chinese realize that the key to defeating US imperialism over global energy resources is to weaken Israel. Instead of banking on the weak willed Arab leaders, its better to simply support a militia that is dedicated and KNOWS how to fight.

    Israel’s bright future lies in fully integrating itself within the Arab world instead of doing America’s dirty imperial work in the Middle East. Israel also needs to abandon its own imperial ambitions in the region by stopping the plunder of Palestinian water in the west bank, and giving up Arab land. I currently reside in the United Arab Emirates, and believe it or not, you cannot even call Israel form here. Is this what Israelis want? Total isolation? The Palestinians are sitting on their own door steps looking in, do you expect them to forgive? It’s time for Israel to really make some difficult decisions about its future.

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