11 thoughts on “Hezbollah Kidnaps Two Israeli Soldiers in Lebanon – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Things aren’t looking too good up here… :-\

    I woke up to the news and to the sound of Israeli jets…. I can hear it as I write this…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if our power plants are targeted once more…

  2. I woke up this morning listening to NPR (as usual) to hear of terror bombing in Mumbai, a train derailment here in Chicago, and expanded war in the Israel – not a good day…

    I’m filled with dread over this news – and it proves the point I’ve made on this blog many times. THERE IS NO MILITARY SOLUTION TO THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT

    I will certainly be praying for peace in synagogue tonight…

  3. Anarchristian writes Blogging the Mideast from Beirut. I’m sorry to hear that you may have to suffer for this all the way up there in Beirut. Naturally, Israel will be trying to pummel the Lebanese government & military to find & free its soldiers as it did Hamas in Gaza. The strategy prob. will fail as miserably for Lebanon as it did in Gaza.

    It’s a sad, sorry mess from beginning to end.

  4. According to Mubarak, Israel had actually agreed to the package deal, but it was thwarted by outside sources (which he didn’t name but, given the context, could only be Syria or Iran). I’m not sure if Mubarak is telling the truth, and his credibility isn’t the highest, but there were other reports last week in which unnamed Hamas sources claimed that Israel had agreed to a deal. If so, then the main problem might not be Israel but outside interests that are inimical to both Israelis and Palestinians.

  5. Jonathan: You may well be right. There appear confusing & contradictory statements from both sides. My statements about Israel’s reluctance to make a deal are based on comments Noam Shalit (the hostage’s father) made to the press begging Olmert to negotiate. I’d think that he wouldn’t make such statements if the government had told him, even in strict confidence, that it WAS negotiating with the kidnappers. Also, the government line is to completely refuse to contemplate such negotiation. While there have been murmurings from Dichter & Ramon that Israel was preparing for a prisoner release timed for the alleged planned Abbas-Olmert meeting this is so hopelessly vague as to constitute an almost meaningless statement of intentions.

    But it’s certainly credible to believe that Hamas itself may be behind the failure of a deal to materialize. There is more than enough blame here to go around unfortunately.

  6. How about–dont invade Israel twice and kidnap Israeli soldiers? To equally spread blame is to miss the point.

    I heard a great observation once after a 50000 person PEACE NOW march in Israel.
    When 50000 people hit the streets of Gaza/Damascus protesting for peace, there will be peace. That day.

  7. Richard,
    You wrote: “Haaretz reports the devastating news that Hezbollah has kidnapped two IDF soldiers in southern Lebanon.”

    Isn’t this misleading. People read this and think Israel crossed the Lebanese border?

    But Haaretz reported: Hezbollah kidnapped two Israel Defense Forces soldiers on the northern border in the midst of massive shelling attacks on Israel’s north Wednesday morning.”

    They crossed our northern border. Correct? Hezbollah terrorists violated Israel sovereign territory just as Hamas did in the south when they kidnapped Corporal Shalit.

  8. Yes, both guerilla actions violated Israeli sovereignty. And that’s a bad thing–if Israel were to ever give 2 s(&%s about the sovereignty of its neighbors. It has violated the sovereignty of just about every nation that has ever opposed it going back to 1956, if not earlier. The latest examples are the current Lebanon quagmire in the making and targeted assassinations aganist Palestinians. So pls. don’t talk to me about violating sovereignty. If Israel didn’t do the same thing w. impunity & so often, I’d be willing to join you in high moral dudgeon.

  9. Does Richard mean to say that Israel’s desire to survie is the same as its neighbor’s desire to destroy her? He cant mean that?

    It goes without saying that either because of unmatched religious fervor or in an effort to distract its citizens from their misery — the raison d’etre of each of these countries and these terrorist organizations is the destruction of the State of Israel.

    Now, one must also remember that there were masacres of Jews in 1929 before the establishment of the state. And, that the PLO came into existence BEFORE 1967 — so what exactly was the PLO liberating in 64? Oh, the entire State of Israel.

    As I said previously, the Arab states can shake down the world for billions of dollars to make life livable for its citizens. All they have to do is stop blowing themselves up while kids eat pizza; and stop firing rockets while young mothers are drinking their coffee. They stop that — and the whole thing is over. And the whole “thing” is not just this present war but the conflict in general. Of course, that will never happen, becauese Hamas, Hizbollah, Syria and Iran have absolutely no intention of ever making peace with a country they believe should be obliterated.

    As for the State of Palestine–they have a State dont they? At least part of what they want? They could have the other half — as soon as they stop firing rockets into israel from Gaza and trying to blow themselves up? Not very complicated. Again, this is not about statehood or sovreignty, is it? Its about dead jews.

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