4 thoughts on “Former Mossad Spymaster Says of Hamas: ‘In Mideast, the Evil Become Saints’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I pray G-od not only for peace – or at least for the searching of some reals paths to definite peace around Israel and its neighboors – but also for a coming back of Israeli politics to the ideals of social justice that were part of the old zionist ideological core. it is really sad to see how under the monopoly of war with or against the Palestinians along with security matters, life in Israel has become unbearable to at least one third of the citizenship. also, it is a complete same against the moral principles stated in the Torah or simply just in the way of the Jewish being the fact that Israel has increased its ´apartheid´ politics by keeping away Palestinians from their work sources inside Israel while at the same time hundreds, if not thousands, of private companies are bringing cheap labourers from Thailand, Romania, Poland, Philipines, etc… that constitute an irregular population highly discriminated just for being both foreigners and poor. it is not only time for peace, but for the recovering of those moral status that made Israel “the light among nations”. without it, it doesn´t worth to keep ourselves supporting a country like any other else. if so, let´s finally agree with those who will prefer to wait till the Messiah comes…

    tzedaka, tzedaja tirdof…

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