4 thoughts on “Noa and Cheb Khaled Cover Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ as Arab-Israeli Peace Anthem – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thanks for posting this Richard. “Imagine” has alway been one of my favorites – and this recording is simply amazing.

  2. thanks much for the website … i remember tikun as a brave, intelligent movement but have been out of touch for many years, so nice to double up — back in touch & identify a briliiant versiion of imagine, an idealistic view without which life would be heading into the gutter of earth history & extinct species … but such beautiful faces (both noa & khaled) to go along with a cover that i have played over & over without knowing who the female voice was, at first i thought ofra haza, but now i know .. & yes, i have to admit that i could look at noa as long as i can listen to her ….

    on another issue … deep conversations with iranian jews seems to bear out the bush conspiracy to tar iran anti-semite while in reality the policy & public are anti-zionist not anti jewish … as well the question is aptly raised, why not carve out a homeland in europe, since both holocaust happened there & jewish culture is sooo european, even the american side, which of course is anglophone/eureopean waves of immingrants on top of racist genocide of native americans & african slavery … do self-respecting jews really want to identify with american racism & genocide

  3. Thanks for the kind words about Imagine & the artists. But you can’t really be serious about sending Jews back to Europe can you? Are you forgetting a little event that happened oh, about 70 yrs ago or so? And where would such a homeland be? Which other peoples would we Jews displace? No, that’s a non-starter full stop.

    Israeli Jews and Arabs will have to resolve this conflict in the Middle East w/o the distractions of proposals like yours I’m afraid.

  4. As long as it could be life-threatening to sing the original verse ““Imagine…no religion too”, as long as fighting people avoid to talk about the influence of religious chauvinism on conflicts, there is no chance for peace.

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