2 thoughts on “Pataki and Ehrlich Join Chorus Against Dubai Port Deal – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This deal would violate U.S. anti-boycott laws because companies would be complicit in the UAE boycott of Israel. Talk is one thing, action is another. If it’s a way to get the UAE to actually end the boycott (officially, not off the record) then great.

    Miriam COpe

  2. Horsecrap. How would a Dubai port company managing U.S. facilities force any U.S. company to be complicit in UAE’s boycott? And what are you smokin’??

    Now, here’s what your argument should have been (though I’d still disagree with you): the UAE is boycotting Israel and asking U.S. companies to join them. Because the UAE government is demanding that U.S. companies violate U.S. law, then doing business with Dubai Ports World, a government-owned company, should be verboten.

    Here’s my response: the Arab boycott of Israel is a horrid, unjust enterprise. We should ask the UAE government, as part of the negotiation over this deal, to CONSIDER ceasing its participation in such a boycott. We should make our feeling known on this matter & tell them it’s important to us. But should we make it a condition of DPW doing business in this country? Not on yr life. Not unless you want foreign governments to start telling our major corporations that they can’t do business abroad until the U.S. government changes its policies. It’s a 2-way street, you know.

    Why would you try to eject a foreign company from your country because it’s home government puruses an objectionable policy that has nothing to do with the specific company or the business it wishes to do in your country? Finally, wouldn’t it make more sense to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict so there is no longer any call for Arabs to boycott Israel??

    BTW, Miriam has dredged up an argument used by Michelle Malkin over at her Arab-hating warblog. Congratulations for dragging the progressive blog world down to the low, hateful level of Mistress Malkin.

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