5 thoughts on “International Leaders Call for Calm in Muhammed Cartoon Controversy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The only shouting and muscle flexing I see is from the Muslim world?

    I don’t see any violence or threats of it from the Xtian or Jewish West?

    Especially considering that this was a organized pre planned event by the Muslim powers it makes Javier Solana and yourself look all the more foolish.

    When it comes to the Muslim world we must always take a cautious conciliatory approach? yet if the same occured from the Western World albeit Israel or America, g-d forbid – Koffi would have no such compunctions in villifying and lambasting.

    Funny the difference in reactions to the “horrors” of Jenin as published and spoken about by Javier, Koffi and the EU newspapers to an actual event organized, purposefully violent and intimidating…..

    The hyocrisy is so rich it’s downright scandalous.


  2. I wonder if all these “””moderates””” are sending their regards and affections to Ms Ali who is literally risking her life to speak up against the violence and intimidation of Islam?

    I would bet you would equate yourself a similar brave speaker of truth?

    The Mossad and ADL are after you and though you don’t need 24/7 bodyguards and bullet proof windows she is nonetheless a “provocateur”….

    So while you may condemns the “extremists” threatening her… yet you understand and call for the “moderates” to hold conciliatory talks and seek a dimming of the rhetoric on ALL sides… (of course including Ms Ali :-))


  3. The woman you mention is not a Muslim moderate. She is an ardent opponent of Islam because of its repressive treatment of women. I of course support her right to attack those elements of Islam she finds objectionable though I question her wholesale dismissal of the entire religion. But again I’m not a Muslim and it’s really her affair as to what she does or says regarding Islam. I applaud the Dutch government for standing by her & protecting her.

    I am an ardent opponent of no religion though I am a critic of several including my own at times. So no, I do not equate myself with her. However, my views do draw lots of haters out of the woodwork.

    The Mossad & ADL are “after me???” What are you “on” about? And I don’t have a clue what you mean by saying she is a “provocateur.” I didn’t say that. However, you should ask her first whether she objects to the term. She strikes me as someone who does fearlessly wish to provoke a negative reaction from Muslims to her views.

    I have no clue why Ali has any bearing on this discussion. If anyone wishes to kill her among Islamic fundamentalist groups, I certainly don’t envision having any discussion with them about softening the tone of the rhetoric in this controversy. Nor would they wish to have any talks with me.

  4. thanks for writing Richard, and I was glad to hear of the press release by the presidents of the OIC & the UN; and as a muslim, I want to thank anyone who speaks about Peace and proves once again that monotheism and the Prophetic tradition is not Manichean…
    “Jews and Muslims are not the Axis of Evil”, as one webpage has it.

    as to what Jeff wrote above, I think ‘provocateur’ is the way to describe it. No commentary on Islam, the Middle East, or Israel-Palestine can take place without some ‘righteous Gentile’ correcting every error… you know, Semites and their religions are notorious for being confused… I’m trying to make some allusion to LGF being up for the “Best Israel and Jewish affairs blog” award from JPost, but I’m losing it already. i’m sure one of their gang of ‘keyboard commandos’ would have the funny quip already, that’s why they’re so popular, making ethnic cleansing and religious intolerance socially acceptable.

    Take care, and please take a look at a friends’ blog (mine is irregularly updated): http://www.safiyyah.ca/wordpress : she’s a muslim with a good line on muslim / jewish dialogue

  5. Dawud: I’m pleased that you’ve joined this comment thread. It’s really important that we have a dialogue among people of good will & good faith. I would agree w. you that Ms. Ali is a provocateur & suspect she might not find fault with the term applied to her.

    I know about Saffiyah’s blog & have written to her several times (alas, she’s not written back). Her blog is in my Mideast Peace blogroll in my sidebar. I don’t believe she updates her site often but I welcome her views to the debate about Mideast peace and Arab-Jewish relations.

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