17 thoughts on “Aussie Dave: Call Me “Dickhead,” Don’t Expect Favors – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Nice Google ranking for the search term “Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards” Mr. Silverstein! Except for one little thing… It’s The Jewish and Israel Blog Awards. Israel. Not Israeli. What you’ve accomplished is the equivalent of getting a number one ranking in Google for an oft searched celebrity name that is misspelt – ie Gnome Chomsky instead of Noam Chomsky, Jayne Fonda instead of Jane Fonda, Loren Phoenix instead of Lauren Phoenix. Something like that. You’ll have the #1 listing for the misspelt name but the impact that’ll have on your hits willl be minimal, except amongst the illiterate.

    Just so you know. In any case, correct or not correct, I have a funny feeling you won’t be number one up there for long. Just sayin is all …

  2. Ck,

    He had “JIBA” in his post before (hence my previous comment) , but sneakily changed it to “Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards” without acknowledging it. He has also omitted parts of our email correspondence to paint himself in a better light. But not to worry. I have cleared it all up on my blog.

  3. Nice Google ranking for the search term “Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards” Mr. Silverstein! Except for one little thing… It’s The Jewish and Israel Blog Awards. Israel. Not Israeli.

    Not according to the banner at the JP, it quite clearly states that the competition is called the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards…..and that’s your link. It also repeats ‘Israeli in the subtitle’.

    Also it is referred to as the ‘Israeli’ awards on Aussie Dave’s site too.

    Learn to read CK.

  4. 1) Searching on The Jewish and Israel Blog Awards still show this blog as number four….

    2) Googling “The Jewish and Israel Blog Awards” actually gives MORE hits (1,070,000) than “The Jewish and Israel Blog Awards” (1,050,00)

    3) Speaking as someone with 20 years experience in the acronym happy IT industry, there are fewer things I can think of that are more juvenile than criticizing someone for using a different acronym – particularly when they refer to “JIBA” you refer to the “JIB Awards”… (Any military people want to comment?)

    4) Blogs that refer to “JIBA”: (excluding comments by Richard on other sites)


    (Even used it in the link name!)

    http://northernva.typepad.com/crossing_the_rubicon/2006/01/the_problem_wit.html (comment)


    http://www.jewlicious.com/index.php/the-gift-of-sloth/ (Comment by one of the bloggers)

    http://aarons.cc/index.php?p=2932&c=1 (Comment posted by the blogger)




    I’m sure there are many more but I’ve spent enough time on this…

  5. Talking of your Google ranking is about a juvenile as it comes. So don’t lecture us on juvenile.

    The fact remains that this is a low traffic, insipid blog, run by a nasty, dishonest man.

  6. picking somebody up on an acronym must be neck and neck with google ratings in the ‘juvenile’ stakes. Front runner is obviously calling someone a dickhead, how very 1970’s.

    “The fact remains that this is a low traffic, insipid blog, run by a nasty, dishonest man.”

    That’s your opinion. A very juvenile opinion but an opinion all the same.

    My opinion is that someone who organises a JEWISH and ISRAELI blog awards then allows non-Jewish and non-Israeli blogs to be entered because they match his ideological intentions (and are also part of the same media organisation) while all the time protesting there is no biasm equally dishonest. As for insipid, have you read what you write lately?

  7. I have a question… why do conservatives complain about minorities having their own media sources, clubs, etc., as an example of multiculturalism gone awry, when there are so many conservatives supporting “Jewish and Israeli” causes? I just find it interesting that the very people who bitch and moan about blacks and Hispanics getting “special privileges” wet themselves over anything Jewish.

    I wish someone would just come out and say that the only reason why “Jewish and Israeli” causes are supported by the right-wing is because of their shared anti-Arab prejudice and the fundamentalist Christian belief that Jews are the “chosen people” and are necessary to bring back the second coming of Christ.

    And before someone like Aussie Dave paints me as an anti-Semite – stop playing the damn race card. Jews are not above reproach because of your history of oppression. I think all religions are ridiculous and dangerous, especially when mixed with politics, and that goes for Muslims and Christians as well. When you get all three vying for ideological supremacy, you get a f*cked up world, like the one we’re living in now.

  8. It’s rich that CK accuses me of a typo that isn’t one. He’s corrected a few typos in my posts before (which I’m actually grateful for because I believe in accuracy). I noted then sarcastically that I was certain CK had never introduced any typos into his own blog. And here he goes and proves this for me. Not only did he NOT find a typo, he made up one in his mind (or through bad eyesight?). And even if I had made a typo, do you think that Google doesn’t understand that the terms ‘Israel’ and ‘Israeli’ are related (and would adjust the search accordingly)?

    And as for Aussie Dave’s contention that interest in Google rankings is “juvenile,” I guess that’d be news to the entire search engine optimization industry which has sprung up in the past few years designed to increase a site’s Google rankings in search results.

    I’d still like Aussie Dave (or the J. Post) to respond to my question about why the Jerusalem Post (the co-sponsor for Pete’s sakes) doesn’t come up at all in the search. To have a competition and then basically lose all that potential traffic from the world’s most popular search engine seems really poor marketing (to me). But as Dave’s said, Google doesn’t matter to him anyway.

  9. Silverstein, why don’t you publish your traffic stats if you are so into blog popularity. I have no doubt you have less traffic than Jerusalem at 4am.

    Keep up the great investigative work, though. It is this kind of talent that attracts such classy commenters as “DR” and the “don’t call me an anti-Semite even though I am” Harrumph.

  10. The fact remains that this is a low traffic, insipid blog, run by a nasty, dishonest man.
    This was coming from a man who enjoys ‘dickhead.’

  11. The Jerusalem Post doesn’t come up because they are hosting the awards on a subdomain. Google doesn’t like subdomains. But you are right. The JIBs are very often referred to as the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards – I stand corrected. I don’t think the JPost is losing out on a lot of traffic though. They have nice big banners all over their well-trafficked site promoting the JIBs and every blog that discusses the JIBs points to the subdomain in question. Having said all that – don’t you think you nonetheless come off looking a tad, uh… unduly obsessed? The whole point of why you got into this discussion seems to have been cast aside in favor of a silly pissing contest.

    Tikun Olam indeed.

    Oh and have you noticed that Jesus’ General has endorsed Jewlicious for best Israel Advocacy blog? How’s that for a capacity for nuance. Guess I am a Liberal after all!

  12. “The JIBs are very often referred to as the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards – I stand corrected.”

    Very often? I’d say that they are primarily called that….due to their banners, Aussie Dave, Jerusalem Post and the rest of the people involved in it calling them that.

  13. Maybe The General likes the hot blonde on Jewlicious!

    And Aussie Dave – maybe you’ve read other posts – but explain to me what is Anti-Semetic about Harumph’s post please…

  14. CK: Tikun Olam (to me) means pointing out things that are wrong with the world & trying to change them or make them better. I do have to admit that with Aussie Dave & the Post in charge there’s probably little one could do (even if Dave wasn’t so stubborn as to be unwilling to listen to criticism) to make JIBA better. But given that, I don’t see that you stop pointing out what’s wrong because it may be unrepairable.

    I want the world to know what I and many other bloggers think about the competition. Speaking about being “unduly obssessed,” did you feel that LGF’s maniacal pursuit of the Rathergate story (one of his claims to fame) was “unduly obssessed?” Oh and how about the anti-Arab hysteria you’ll find at LGF with headline after headline pointing out in the most lurid language imaginable the supposed worst qualities of Islam…not “unduly obssessed?” I think what I’ve done here is doesn’t compare to the hysteria you’ll find in the right-wing blogosphere on certain subjects.

    As for Jesus’ General recommending your blog for JIBA–all I can say is he detests LGF & you’re probably the only blog to his left in the whole bunch. And being to the left of Chuck Johnson isn’t saying much. Would I say Jewlicious is better than LGF? Sure. Would that flatter your blog much? No. As for how liberal you truly are, we’ll let folks judge that for themselves.

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