7 thoughts on “Lapin and Toward Tradition Under Scrutiny in Abramoff Probe – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Good post. Lapin’s actins have violated alot of things, and the guy needs to be publicly monitored. Good on ya! It’s about time someone called him on the carpet.

  2. By the way, Richard, talking about JA….

    Does this new nickname …. ”Abramoffukkah”…coined on Wonkette……..for the Abramoff scandal in DC sound a bit on the anti-sem side? or is it just funny? or am I missing something.

    what’s the JOKE HERE? i don’t get it. I don’t LIKE it. but here it is all over the web and blogs now. Google the term and you will see. Is this the new hip, cool PC antisem of today, or it is just funny and some people just don’t GET it? Okay, then enlighten me: why give the scandal a Jewish sounding nickname playing on Hannukkah?

    Why not the usual ……”Abramoffgate”……I know: BORING!

    ….to call the scandal by a Jewishish nickname, that is scandalous! OICH!

    What is happening to America?

  3. Well, if it was coined by Wonkette doesn’t that tell you something? It’s gotta be glib, it’s gotta be cute, it’s gotta be empty-headed. I prefer blogs & media which tell it straight without trying to gussy up a story with needless powder puff stuff like that.

    The term doesn’t bother me as much as you. I don’t think whoever created it did so with anti-Semitic intent. I don’t take it as anti-Semitic though that’s just my opinion. But you’re entitled to feel as you do about it if it offends you.

  4. Yes, I agree, the term itself is not antisem, probably even coined by a Yiddisher bocher, but look at the Googles already!

    Web Results 1 – 10 of about 17,100 for abramoffukkah. (0.12 seconds)

    Holiday Season of Scandal to be Fortified with Chutzpah – Wonkette
    Time to get ready for Abramoffukkah!— DCEIVER. Abramoff May Plead Guilty in Fraud
    Case Next Week, Person Says [Bloomberg.com] …
    http://www.wonkette.com/politics/top/ holiday-season-of-scandal-to-be-fortified-with-chutzpah-144751.php – 17k – Cached – Similar pages

    Wonkette – abramoffukkah
    From Washington DC, politics for people with dirty minds.
    http://www.wonkette.com/politics/abramoffukkah/index.php – 45k – Cached – Similar pages
    [ More results from http://www.wonkette.com ]

    Language Log: Happy Abramoffukkah!
    Happy Abramoffukkah! Another legal brouhaha, another celebratory blend. …
    It showed up on Ed’s Daily Rant the same day with the “Abramoffukkah” spelling. …
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    Abramoffukkah: It’s On – Yahoo! News
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    guilty to charges of tax evasion, fraud and corruption, thus marking the …
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    Daily Kos: Happy Abramoffukkah! Jack Could Implicate 20 Lawmakers …
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    than 2005 was:. WASHINGTON – Federal prosecutors and lawyers for Republican …
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    Daily Kos: Happy Abramoffukkah! Jack Could Implicate 20 Lawmakers …
    Happy Abramoffukkah! It now looks like 2006 could be worse for Bush and the GOP
    than 2005 was: … I expect at least 8 good things for Abramoffukkah. …
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    Maximum America » abramoffukkah
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    currently browsing the archives for the abramoffukkah category. …
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    I can’t believe it’s not a democracy!: Happy fucking Abramoffukkah!
    Happy fucking Abramoffukkah! Sherlock Google, a diarist at Kos, has a fabulous
    diary up that, among other things, cites to an AP article that says that …
    icantbelieveitsnotademocracy.blogs.com/ weblog/2005/12/happy_fucking_a.html – 20k – Cached – Similar pages

    Abramoffukkah: It’s On
    Abramoffukkah: It’s On. … Continue to Abramoffukkah: It’s On on Wonkette. …
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    http://www.12blogs.com/abramoffukkah-it-s-on,86737.html – 7k – Cached – Similar pages

    Abramoffukkah Comes to Montana
    Abramoffukkah Comes to Montana. … Abramoffukkah Comes to Montana. Head-to-head
    matchups between Burns and his two main Democratic adversaries have …
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    Try your search again on Google Book Search

  5. This nickname for the scandal around Jack Abramoff, rather than Abramoffgate or something, has been coined as Abramoffukkah, and although this term appears first on Wonkette’s blog, coined by someone going by the name of DCver, it has appeared so far only online in blogs and yahoo-related search results for blog. It has never appeared in print yet, but my guess is soon. Soon.

    According to those who think they know the genesis of this possibly offensive nickname and then maybe just post-Hannukah funny with no ethnic slur intended, this being post-Jon Stewart America…..

    [ the ”portmanteau” (look it up!) ”Abramoffukkah” is playing off the Patrick Fitzgerald grand jury thing. The day Scooter Libby was indicted was called the First Day of Fitzmas. So, from Fitzmas to Abramoffukkah. When they slap Ken Lay in irons, that day will be called Enronzaa.
    So, in short. It *IS* funny; and some people don’t get it.. ]

    PS – For the slower kids in the class: (I was told, again, by those who seem to think they know)

    Patrick Fitzgerald + Christmas = Fitzmas :: Jack Abramoff + Hanukkah = Abramoffukkah

    Questions to posters here:

    1. Will this ”term” ever appear in PRINT versions of our newspapers or magazines?

    2. Is it funny?

    3. Is it ethnically slurry? Holidayishly unholidayishy?

    4. Or was it only good for a short post-holiday FirstWeek after New Year’s Day run on the blogosphere?

    5. Will it stick?

    I’m a poster here, so these are my answers:

    1. I hope not.
    2. No.
    3. Yes.
    4. No, it wasn’t.
    5. Not for love or money.


    Good G-d, that is simply awful.

    I agree on all counts except 3. I’m not sure it’s necessarily a slur. When I saw the thread name, a connection to Hanukkah was not what came to mind but rather a raplike play on mother-you-know-what. Still, it’s ugly as all get-out,
    Never encountered Fitzmas anywhere, either. If I had it probably would have made me laugh. But here, too, there’d be no reason for us to propagate it.

    ANSWER 3

    Nope. Wouldn’t print it, wouldn’t laugh at it, would cudgel anybody who tried to put it in the paper.

    There’s a really simple reason it doesn’t work. “Fitzmas” (and the equally cool “Kitzmas,” from a clipped version of the Dover intelligent-design case) is a trochee, like “Christmas.” “Hanukah” is a dactyl. “Abramoffukkah” (there really isn’t an inoffensive way to write it, is there?) is a clusterf***. It doesn’t sound like what it’s supposed to represent.

    That means, among other things, that you have to explain why your joke is funny, and if you have to explain why a joke is funny, you shouldn’t tell it. That’s even truer in print, since you don’t get to pick your audience. And if you then have to explain why it isn’t really offensive either, you’ve wasted a lot of time and space on a stupid semi-pun, haven’t you?

    I first read it as a curse. Only after the explanation did I decide it was ethnically offensive. And of course fev is right that an explanation should be unnecessary. If you explain it, it’s a religious slur. If you don’t, it’s just crude.


    1. Will this ”term” ever appear in PRINT versions of our newspapers or magazines?
    1. Yes, because one reason people buy newspapers and magazines is to receive explanations of what’s going on in the world, and that includes the world of Internet language.

    2. Is it funny?
    2. Like any joke: less and less funny the more times one hears it.

    3. Is it ethnically slurry? Holidayishly unholidayishy?
    3. I find any reference to anyone’s religion offensive when the religion has nothing to do with the reason that person’s in the news, including the Orthodox Jewish Abramoff’s hat and jacket being compared to gangster garb.

    4. Or was it only good for a short post-holiday FirstWeek after New Year’s Day run on the blogosphere?
    4. Thank goodness for the mayfly life cycle of most of this nonsense.

    5. Will it stick and would you print it?
    5. I would print it if I had to explain a direct quotation containing it. Else why waste the space?

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