1 thought on “Studio360 Explores Artist Parents & Their Children:Johnny Cash & Rosanne Cash – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Sounds like Loudon/Martha Wainwright’s “Father Daughter Dialogue”..of course the song is much better than just reading the lyrics 🙂

    Martha sings:
    Dearest daddy with your songs
    Do you hope the right your wrongs?
    You cant undo what has been done
    To all your daughters and your son
    The facts are in and we have found
    That basically your not around
    Dearest daddy try as you might
    All you are is just uptight
    You sing of my mother and me somewhat sentimentally
    You sing of a father and son
    When all you do from him is run
    You like to think that things are okay
    B by singing things that you should say
    Dearest daddy with your songs
    Do you hope to right your wrongs?

    Loudon sings:
    Darling daughter cant you see
    The guy singing the songs aint me
    He’s someone people wish i was
    What i cant do this dude does
    And if the songs seem slightly pat i know
    Life’s messier then that
    They’re just songs and life is real
    They’re just my version how i feel
    And you dont feel the same i know
    How it went down or it should go
    My mistakes you label wrongs
    I expiate my guilt with songs
    Why im uptight or not around
    Those whys continue to confound
    Darling Daughter cant you see
    The guy singing the songs aint me

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