4 thoughts on “Ray Charles, American Musical Icon – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I loved Ray Charles he was a brilliant musical artist. It doesn’t
    matter if your color is different from another because when you love
    people for who they are you do not see color. I am from the south
    and the northern people had a bad opinion about a southern child,
    but I haven’t let it bother me because I am God’s child and when we
    get hurt and bleed we all bleed red blood. Thank you Ray Charles for
    stepping out in faith even with all the strikes you thought were
    against you “God made you victorious”.

  2. What a nice blog. It really helped me out in my Ray Charles project.. thank you for sharing your thoughts, you are a gifted writer. I really look upto you, because someday I would like to be an extremely good writer as well. 🙂 Bye for now

  3. I stumbled across Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music while record-hunting at Goodwill. I saw ait and thought “holy crap what the hell is this??” and immediately bought it. A young Ray Charles singing country and western. Yowza.

    I’d liked Ray Charles in a general sense, while not reallyknowing any of his music – I just liked his sound in general when I happened to hear his music. This album blew me away and has ranked among my favorite albums since the first moment the needle touched the vinyl. I just pulled it out for the first time in a few months and am again reminded how much I like it

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