2 thoughts on “Geneva Peace Accords Signed by Israeli and Palestinian Leaders – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The Geneva Accords, if implemented, would have the certain outcome that: 1. No Jew, whether Isreali or American would ever be allowed on the Temple Mount again. 2. The Western Wall would not be accessible to Jews as the Arabs would shoot down on any Jew praying there. 3. Israel, now defenseless behing the Auschwitz line of 1967 would be attacked at once my all Arab countries and numerous Moslem countries. Too small to defend themselves the Jews of Israel would be slaughtered Holocaust style. 4. The British House of Commons would rise and commemorate the dead Jews. 5. A wave of anti-Jewish hatred would also lead to the slaughter of all European Jews.
    6. The few Jews still left in the U.S. would distance themselves from the Jewish people until we would be only a memory like the Erie Indians.
    The guarantee for all of this is are the words of the Jew hater Jimmy Carter who actually used the phrase “the final solution”. No doubt he meant what he said. He and his supporters would love to see another Holocaust.
    I am ashamed that some Jews support this horrible scenario. However, it is not surprising. From Barrabas to the Kapos we have always had Jews travel with our enemies and seek our destruction. Beilin is only one more of these apostates.
    Yet, I believe that we will survive even this.

  2. Gerhard Falk’s comment above is an example of the extreme conspiracy theory view of Jewish history that some conservative Jews embrace. His entire comment is preposterous but the Jimmy Carter “final solution” comment is so far overboard it’s ridiculous.

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