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  1. Spare Me

    Spare me your frequent bowing and the prayers you claim are for peace
    While behind our backs you despise us and you dream of revenge in your sleep
    Spare me your Koran reading and your efforts to obey the five pillars
    For Allah has never been master of, those who hate and murder

    Spare me your frequent chanting and the wisdom you claim brings peace
    While your exalted state of mind allows you to commit war crimes, with bodies littering the streets
    Spare me your enlightenment and how you think you are one with creation
    For Shang-Ti called you to love, yet your deeds prove your damnation

    Spare me your chorus singing and the sermons that
    speak of peace
    While your prisons stay full from the vicims you kill
    and survivors can only weep
    Spare me your Holy Scriptures, for it has not changed your ways
    For Jehovah called you to love your neighbor, but this you have never obeyed

    Spare me your political speaches and the treaties you claim produce peace
    For the very same hands, push daggers in men, in order to stop their heart beat
    Spare me your laws and vast learning and how you think it will make us unite
    For peace will never be possible, when people desire to fight

    Spare me…..
    By, William M. Cooper

  2. I’ve debated long and hard about the above Comment. Of course, it is right-wing Christian fundamentalist racist screed. I’ve visited the author’s evangelical, apocalyptic site and it’s full of religious rants. He seems to hail from a small town somewhere in Texas, where much of this type of political-religious tripe seems to originate.

    I’ve decided to leave the comment here so that a blog visitor can read the type of anti-Arab rant that is characateristic of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and the rest of his fervent followers. But I have banned the author’s IP so that he cannot leave further comments.

    This is what those of us who want peace between Israelis & Palestinians have to overcome in our daily discourse.

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