4 thoughts on “Your Tax Dollars at Work: Building Israel’s Bantustan Fence – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Oh course, the ‘fence’ that you mention is actually a wall. But
    doesn’t ‘fence’ make it sound more neighbourly and nice?
    It truly boggles my mind how the media, and we ourselves, allow
    language to be used against us. This mystification, bewitchment, or
    whatever you want to call it, of language is possibly one of the
    greatest impediments to true conversation and dialogue.

    Interesting blog… Thanks!

  2. Erin: Thanks for your comment & for reading my blog. I have a lot of posts about the Mideast conflict under the category “Mideast Peace” if you’d like to see them.

    If I had written “Israel is building a fence” you would be justified in criticizing the “niceness” of the word fence. But by calling it a “Bantustan fence” I think my meaning comes through pretty clearly. “Bantustan” is a pretty strong denunciatory term, I think. You are correct in saying that “fence” is too mild a word & perhaps I should have said “wall.” But I don’t think it’s as important a distinction as you do (at least the way I formulated the phrase).

  3. Until you have lived there, and had to pick pieces of your wife or daughter or son up off the ground, i dont think any american has any right to tell israelis how to protect themselves. Until the suicide bombers give up and stop their “jihad” nothing will ever change. If they gave up, the world would be much more quick to denounce things israel does, but as long as they send crackheads to blow themselves up no one will ever feel sorry for them.

  4. Robert is spouting the same old tired rhetoric which Israel’s right wing (& their American Jewish supporters) have tried to use for decades to extinguish vigorous debate and questioning of Israeli policies.

    Guess what? I’ve lived in Israel two years (and you’d know that if you’d bother to read any of my other posts about Israel) so don’t tell me I can’t speak my mind. I haven’t picked pieces of anyone off the ground, but have you? I doubt it. And even if you had, that has nothing to do with my right to criticize those Israeli policies which I believe are a good part of the reason all of these Israelis are dying in these terrorist attacks. And by the way, if neither you nor I picked any pieces off the ground at the World Trade Center, does that rule out either of us having any right to speak our minds about Bush’ terrorism policies? Of course not.

    Robert also seems to have trouble with blog etiquette when he left the same comment in two different places in my blog (neither comment was relevant to the post on which he left it). Like my dog, he wants to leave his calling card as many places as he can just so I’ll know he’s been here.

    People like Robert don’t want to engage in dialogue. They want to score points. I told Robert that I would ban him from my site. But since this comment is at least on topic (if not puerile) he can stay–depending on what he writes in future.

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