2 thoughts on “Folk Music for Children – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hi Richard,

    Saw you at the new TypePad forum.

    Are you familiar with the duo Trout Fishing in America?

    I won’t say much so as not to bore you if already know them. Like McCutcheon, they do both adult and childrens’ CDs. I don’t own any of the latter, but I have heard them perform many of the songs live. Great musicians, clever lyrics, threading that narrow line between too-silly and overly-earnest. Worth a listen, IMO! The “reviews” at Amazon are spot on.

    Your posts are very nicely written. 🙂

    (Not ready to link to my blog yet)

    – glimmung

  2. Great list! I just put up a similar list with a lot of these same titles (thus found your, trying to figure out how someone googled mine!). I hadn’t heard the Lulleby cd or the Bathtub Blues. The Child’s Celebration either – I’ll have to look into them! Jill

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