6 thoughts on “BREAKING: IDF, Egypt and UAE Build Gaza Refugee Tent City, Rafah Invasion Imminent – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. If anti-Biden forces managed over the summer to derail the Biden candidacy, the Democratic Party might have to nominate a less genocide-sympathetic candidate that might defeat Trump more easily.

  2. Biblical Verses at Time of Passover 2024 – Pesach 5784

    “Hamas hardens its heart and refuses to let our people go, and therefore, we will send it additional and painful plagues – and it will happen soon.” [Source: PMO]


    Statement from President Joe Biden on Passover

    Tomorrow night, Jews around the world will celebrate Passover, recounting their miraculous Exodus story from hundreds of years of enslavement in Egypt and their journey to freedom. This holiday reminds us of a profound and powerful truth: that even in the face of persecution, if we hold on to faith, we shall endure and overcome.

    As Jews mark Passover with storytelling, songs, and rituals, they will also read from the Haggadah how, in every generation, they have been targeted by those who would seek to destroy them.

    Meanwhile Haaretz investigation … a gruesome read

    Israel army operates channel to share gruesome killing of Palestinians | MEMO |

    The Israeli military is operating a Telegram channel named “72 Virgins – Uncensored”, where soldiers of the apartheid state share gruesome killing of Palestinians to over 5,300 followers with captions like “Burning their mother”, a Haaretz investigation has found.

    The channel is said to be run by the IDF Operations Directorate’s Influencing Department, which is responsible for psychological warfare.


  3. Murdoch’s rag WSJ has all the answers … naturally … total bs. Israel and Iran have exchanged threats of total destruction.

    Israel Moves Closer to Rafah Invasion as Iran Crisis Wanes

    Country’s leaders pledge to finish war in Gaza amid mounting international criticism over humanitarian risks

    TEL AVIV—As tensions with Iran ease … 

    That evacuation operation would last two to three weeks and be done in coordination with the U.S., Egypt and other Arab countries such as the United Arab Emirates, the Egyptian officials said. They said Israel plans to move troops into Rafah gradually, targeting areas where Israel believes Hamas leaders and fighters are hiding. The fighting is expected to last at least six weeks, they said.

  4. Biden will never give up his course because building the coalition against Iran is more important to the American Empire than his re-election prospects. And this did not start with him, or Trump, or Obama, or even Bush jr (Although it heavily accelerated with the Axis of Evil speech)
    Without normalization, there can be no true regional coalition against Iran. No Saudi/UAE/Israeli/Jordanian/American group.
    Of course, it runs into the problem that none of the participants really want to be the ones who would invade Iran first – Iraq and Lebanon two decades ago and then Yemen and Syria in the next made everyone aware that a grinding long war (against countries far weaker than Iran!) was not acceptable. Far too expensive, and far too much risk in this case. Netanyahu will gladly fight Iran to the last American – but everyone else is ready to fight Iran to the last member of the other participants. It’s the parable of the mice wanting to the put the bell on the cat.
    And thus, the Arab regimes want their assurances that Israel won’t make the first move to drag them all in the deep end. Their insistence on the two state solution of Palestine is not about their sympathy (they have absolutely none) for Palestinians but rather a show of good faith that Israel can cool it off with the war mongering. MBS is having money and trade problems, the Emiratis are getting sick of bad business, everyone wants the threats to their rule to go away for a bit. It’s becoming a serious issue internally because the general public are angrier than ever at Israel and normalization is going to cause a lot of serious unrest at this point.
    Even Biden at this point knows that his optimal exit strategy will be that six week ceasefire he never shuts up about because then he thinks he can pull the two state agreement and normalization out of his hat like magic and get back all those angry voters.
    None of the political heavyweights in Israel, either Netanyahu or Gantz have absolutely any interest in peace or diplomatic solutions, so the situation remains politically unresolvable until someone submits and concedes. And America and Israel alike believe in bombing until someone submits.
    When Rafah is destroyed, they will be sure to blame Hamas entirely for not stopping the genocide but also for fighting back.

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