6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Former Hilltop Youth Activist Reveals Ben Gvir Incited Jewish Terrorism – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Ben Gvir is a disgusting human and unfit to hold any office.
    A shame on Israel.

    That said, American politicians aren’t any better and could turn out to be worse than Ben Gvir.

    And here’s a slate of election deniers seeking office in Richard’s home state of Washington.

    1. @ Clancy: Hasbara 101: divert, divert, divert. ALong with a healthy dose of whataboutism as you’ve demonstrated. Comments like yours from Zionist idelogues like you always begin: X is horrible and I certainly denounce him but…” Apologetics is not the same as conviction.

      There are crazy loon American pols. Election deniers may run for office, but in several states they’re being prosecuted for actual crimes. THere even was a president who was a loon. But we got rid of him and it’s pretty clear he’s either going to be convicted of a criminal act or imprisoned (or both). Israel can’t even indict, let alone convict a sitting PM. It gave Ben Gvir a serial criminal a law license and may give him a senior cabinet post. So gimme a break. No contest.

      My state is Democratic. It won’t give them more than 10 votes and all of them will be from rural, right wing, sparesly populated eastern Washington. Running for an office in an election is not the same as winning one. Ben Gvir won one and his Party will likely be kingmakers if the far right wins the election. Right wing loons are outliers in Congress. Not kingmakers.

      When these loons become cabinet officials, let me know.

      You either do not understand US politics or you’re willfully misrepresenting it. You really have to do better. Maybe go back to the Hasbara training program for a refresher course?

      1. [comment deleted: Any post that begins “America is worse than Israel about x” has no value. It’s not even worth arguing about. You may henceforth publish a single comment in any thread.]

        1. [You are now banned. First, I don’t permit personal insults. Second, you are using multiple IP addresses. Commenters must use a single IP address. Third, you were banned a year ago using a different name and e mail address. All impermissible here. As for your complaint about the one comment rule: I could give a crap. I make the rules, You don’t.]

  2. Richard said:

     Ben Gvir has set his sights on becoming the next Interior minister in a Netanyahu government. This would give him control of the security apparatus and effectively end any state monitoring of Jewish terror.

    Fat chance of that happening!

    ‘Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu allegedly refused to share the stage with far-right lawmaker Itamar Ben-Gvir during an event in honor of the holiday of Sukkot in order to avoid being photographed with him, sources reported late Monday.’

    Bibi won’t even share a stage with Ben Gvir, let alone bring him into his Cabinet.


    1. @ Engelsdorf: It doesn’t matter in what Sukkot photo op Bibi refuses to join with Ben Gvir. What matters is the election results. If Ben Gvir is the difference between Bibi forming a government and not, Ben Gvir’s stock skyrockets and he can have his pick of ministerial portfolios.

      Bibi is refusing to be photographed with Ben Gvir because it will anger the Americans. He doesn’t want a hostile statement about Ben Gvir from the state Dept before the elections. That would detract from Bibi’s vote count.

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