Oren Hazan: Drug-Dealing Pimp and Israeli MK Who Called Palestinians “Insects” and “Dogs”

Tonight we need to get down into the dirt, perhaps even the sewer, where some of Israel’s worst racists and most powerful politicians live.  Yesterday, MK Oren Hazan dragged a TV crew and hijacked a bus full of elderly Palestinian mothers headed to visit their children in Israeli prisons.  Why Israeli border guards at the Israeli checkpoint let this Jewish terrorist board the bus is a mystery.  At any rate, as a result Israeli TV has plastered his face all over the evening news.

When he boarded the bus he began haranguing the poor women calling their children “insects” and “dogs.”  Why?  Because Hazan has latched on to an Israeli “movement” demanding the return of Israeli soldiers whose bodies Hamas is holding for ransom for a prisoner exchange with Israel.  This far-right group seeks to exploit the anguish of Israeli families whose boys died during Operation Protective Edge by dragging innocent Palestinian families into the dispute.  Their argument is that until Hamas releases the bodies Israel should retaliate by punishing Palestinian security prisoners and their families.  Though this is a clear violation of international humanitarian law, that hardly matters to these mafiosi.

Nor do I believe that they care very much about the dead soldiers or their families.  This is a potent issue onto which they can piggyback their own political agenda which seeks to smear Palestinians and show them to be sub-human.

The International Red Cross, which organizes prisoner visits and other humanitarian activities for prisoners was none too happy about the incident and warned Israel not to permit this to happen again.  I doubt it will do much good since the entire Likud quite enjoys the little show Hazan puts on for them and their voters.

@yoskesh deputy chairman of Knesset with the protistutes he ordered pic.twitter.com/BiNfB9uw6n

— JeruSalem Yahoodi (@yoskesh) June 8, 2015

As if this wasn’t shocking enough, it’s worth knowing something about Oren Hazan’s own background.  In an earlier life, he owned a Bulgarian casino.  Like Sheldon Adelson’s Sands Hotel empire, Hazan procured drugs and prostitutes for his high-roller customers.  When an Israeli TV reporter aired a story including these charges, Hazan sued–and lost.  The judge found the reporter’s charges to be true; and truth is an ironclad defense against libel.

So Oren Hazan was a pimp and drug dealer; and in the topsy-turvy moral universe that is latter-day Israel he has become a popular far-right politician.  His Likud Party has no problem making an animal like this one of its popular standard-bearers.  This should be no surprise because there are many brutish louts posing as politicians who sit in the Knesset.  And I’m not even including those who are merely corrupt.  I suppose having a president who’s accused of raping and assaulting a dozen women BEFORE he was elected doesn’t give American’s much right to be shocked by someone like Hazan.  But call me old-fashioned: I was raised to think that drug dealers and pimps should be in jail and not in the Knesset.

Israeli MK and druggie, sexual predator, Oren Hazan, harasses families of Palestinian prisoners calling their imprisoned children ‘dogs’ and ‘insects.’ It is Hazan who is one. https://t.co/vOfp3LsALy pic.twitter.com/U7cejlMlN6

— Tikun Olam (@richards1052) December 26, 2017

It’s not at all surprising Hazan should rise to his level of mediocrity and brutishness in today’s Israel.  The entire country is awash in corruption, brutalism, and homicidal racism.  Hazan isn’t an outlier.  He’s merely a clown who wears a manaical smile which entertains the other residents of the asylum.

Another one of Hazan’s claims to fame is that when Pres. Trump’s airplane touched down at Ben Gurion airport, Bibi Netanyahu had directed his cabinet not to attend the president’s arrival so they wouldn’t hog the limelight from the prime minister.  Who should show up to crash the party but Oren Hazan, who literally shoved himself into a selfie moment with Trump and Netanyahu.