David and Solomon Built Temples, Trump Can’t Even Build a Wall

Of all the cock-eyed upside-down things happening in Israel, this is pretty damn loony.

Much has been written about the Jerusalem light rail project, which is much more than a mere transportation system. It is a bit of social engineering enforcing Israel’s occupation. It draws all neighborhoods, including Palestinian enclaves in East Jerusalem, under Israel control and domination. This is one of the reasons so many Palestinian attacks target the light rail stations.

Jerusalem’s light rail station near Western Wall/Haram al Sharif

So now, Israeli transportation minister, settler Israel Katz, has bestowed on Pres. Donald Trump the honor of naming the light rail stop at the Kotel after him. Katz is also intelligence minister, who is neither intelligent nor oversees any actual intelligence agency.

The First Temple was built originally by King David and renovated by his son, Solomon. The Second was built by Zerubavel and renovated by Herod. If you knew anything about Jewish history you’d immediately think to name the station after one of these figures. Or perhaps a great rabbi like Akiva or Hillel or even Yochanan Ben Zakkai, who saved Judaism by surviving the final Roman siege of Jerusalem, after which the Second Temple was destroyed. But Donald Trump? Not so much…

Aish HaTorah’s eradicaton of Haram al Sharif envisions Third Temple in its place. Trump International Hotel comes in next construction stage

Trump has slapped his name on a myriad of hotels and golf courses. He’s owned bankrupt casinos. But never has he built a Temple, nor has he even built a wall, or The Wall for that matter.

But now that the light rail station is named for him, let’s take advantage of the opportunity by razing the Dome of the Rock and replacing it with a truly magnificent Third Jewish Temple.

Then, in order to offer a truly luxurious lodging experience to the millions of Jewish pilgrims and international tourists who will flock to it, we need a truly 5-star lodging experience for them: a Trump International Hotel towering over the Temple Mount with Trump’s name glittering in lights from the crown of the august edifice.

The theme of the hotel will be the ancient eras of Solomon and David with staff dressed in period tunics. The presidential suite will naturally be decorated in pure gold to reflect Trumps impeccable taste in luxury living. Other hotel suites will be named for the various kings of Judah and Israel, and high priests as well.

Both the Holy Temple and hotel will be built with Palestinian workers paid below minimum wages and no benefits. And the bitter irony will be lost on everyone but the laborers themselves…