Hasbara Alphabet: A is for Apartheid

P is for Palestine by Golbarg Bashi

In honor of “P is for Palestine,” Golbarg Bashi’s children’s book excoriated by the fearful and ignorant hasbara mommies of Manhattan, and denounced by the self-righteous rabbinic anti-Semitism mavens of the Upper West Side, here’s my humble contribution, the Hasbara Alphabet:

A is for Apartheid
B is for Balfour (and ‘Balestine’)
C is for Colonialism
D is for Drones
E is for Elbit
F is for F-16
G is for Grenade launcher
H is for Hasbara
I is for pro-Israel
J is for Juden uber alles
K if for Kidon
L is for Liberal Zionism
M is for Mossad
N is for, you guessed it, Nakba
O is for Occupation
P is for Palestine
Q is for al-Quds
R is for Racism
S is for Settler
T is for state Terrorism
U is for Untermenschen
V is for Violence
W is for Warrior State
X is for Xenophobia
Y is for Yored (“emigrant”)
Z is for spiritual Zionism